Thucydides, History Of The Peloponnesian War

Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War Introduction The Appeals Conclusion Bibliography Footnotes Introduction Thucydides tells a detailed account of the Peloponnesian War, a major military conflict between Greek Powers. At the source of this war lies the conflict around Corcyra, an emerging naval power. After defeating Corinth’s fleet in a dispute over their shared colony […]

History Of Cold War And International Law

History of Cold War and International Law As of nowadays, the entire world continues in order to become more unpredictable, in the politics sense of this particular world. The almost all recent escalation from the geopolitical tensions between US (collective West) and China/Russia plays a role in this process even more than anything. In an […]

Cold War

Cold War-Era’s Influence around the World Introduction Major Powers Foundations Key Politics Events Conclusion Bibliography Footnotes Introduction The twentieth hundred years witnessed several main conflicts that impacted the whole globe. World War We and II directed to the development and destruction associated with entire countries, politics regimes, and forces. The events using the end associated […]

Women Photojournalists During World War II Essay

Women Photojournalists During World War II Essay Introduction World War II (1939-1945) was a global conflict involving most of the world’s great powers. This period offered women journalists with opportunities to cover one of the most historic events. Therese Bonney, Toni Frissell, Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, Clare Boothe Luce, Janet Flanner, Esther Bubley, Dorothea Lange, and […]

Trucial States’ History from World War I to the 1960s Essay (Article)

Trucial States’ History from World War I to the 1960s Essay (Article) Conventionally, the UAE had not been under colonialism; however, the Trucial States were subject to the Britain colonizers. The colonial masters were keen to maintain their territorial boundaries. Prior agreement by Arab leaders and the British government prevented any other power from entering […]

The End of the Cold War Essay

The End of the Cold War Essay History Discussion The ideas suggested by Mikhail Gorbachev had a pernicious impact on the USSR and the whole communist society. The fact is that these new policies contradicted the ideological principles of the Soviet Union that had been fundamental for its existence and evolution for decades. Additionally, the […]