A Teacher’s Reflection from Work Experience Essay (Critical Writing)

A Teacher’s Reflection from Work Experience Essay (Critical Writing) Concrete Experience The primary downside was that college students were passive and detached during lessons. They did not grasp the required materials and had been delayed. Reflection This example shows that the degree to which data or skills are presented in order that college students can […]

Ell Teacher Tasks Programs And Implementations

ELL Teacher Tasks: Programs and Implementations Introduction Federal Laws Federal Court Cases State Court Cases State Laws Meeting Legal Requirements ELL Instruction Models Conclusion References Introduction The legal environment has a significant impact on education because it establishes requirements and standards for schools and educational programs. When it comes to English language learners’ education, the […]

Effective Attributes Of An Expert Teacher

Effective Attributes of a good Expert Teacher Becoming an expert instructor has never already been an easy job because it requires the lot of exercise and readiness to interact in continuous studying instead of relaxing on one’s laurels. Despite multiple troubles related to gaining useful experience and developing like a professional, professionals in education are […]

The Greatest Teacher

The Greatest Teacher In August of 1992, I was 10 years old going into the fourth grade. I was held back when I was younger due to my family moving so many times. I would be a fourth grader who attended C.T.Reed Elementary school, in Greenbelt, Maryland. That entire summer I wished and prayed that […]

voice Education In Teacher Training By Gordana Kovacic

“Voice Education in Teacher Training” by Gordana Kovacic Essay Critical Analysis The article by Kovacic (2005) presents a study of voice education in teacher training. In the study, the author focused on voice and voice care knowledge in teacher-training students. The study is important to educational research, as it indicates gaps in voice knowledge and […]

Teacher’s Resilience

Teacher’s Resilience Essay Introduction Resilience is an important attribute necessary for the effective functioning of educators in contemporary settings. Overall, teaching abounds in complex situations; therefore, every professional should be aware of strategies that help remain efficient (Johnson et al. 2014). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the aspects that may challenge […]


Teacher-Student Communications via SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Essay Introduction Technology and social media marketing have become a fundamental element of the life span of students and educators. In accordance with Asterhan and Rosenberg (2015), teachers use social media marketing for such purposes as academic-instructional, social-relational, and psycho-pedagogical. The platforms useful for these kinds of communication may […]

Teacher Evaluation By Weighted

Teacher Evaluation by Weighted-Evidence Approach Essay Introduction Nowadays ever-changing environment sets new opportunities and challenges in neuro-scientific education. Weighted-evidence method of teacher evaluation is among the most relevant ways of determine a teacher’s competence in a specific classroom. On the list of key resources of evidence, one distinguishes between observation, standardized tests, student ratings, classroom […]