Theories Of Cognitive Approaches To Teaching And Learning

Theories of Cognitive Approaches to Teaching and Learning The process of cognitive development is highly complex, and various scholars sought to propose their view on how this process occurs. Cognitive development is usually defined as the process when a child acquires and learns various thinking processes (Galotti, 2015). Understanding cognitive development is vital for educators […]

Learning Portfolio Key Elements And Skills

Learning Portfolio: Key Components and Skills Introduction Career Intentions and Objectives Concept Map Experiences and Course Outcomes Personal Reflection upon Experiences and Opportunities References Introduction This portfolio consists of the important elements that will can be utilized to demonstrate the advance of my abilities and knowledge, along with the progress toward the particular achievement of […]

Workplace Learning Event on Coaching Evaluation Essay

Workplace Learning Event on Coaching: Evaluation Essay Learning Event Evaluation Learning events are critical to the development of any specific workplace and an organization as a whole. Such events may have a diverse nature and be designed to address a multitude of issues such as workplace relationships, performance, work-related health, quality-improvement, to name a few. […]

Transformative Learning Essay

Transformative Learning Essay Introduction Many teachers and instructors labor to teach unmotivated classes where students are not interested in learning. In such a scenario, a strong rift exists between the teacher and the students making it hard for the student to learn. This is just an indicator that calls for reformation in the education learning […]