Feedback Review Concepts Report (Assessment)

Feedback Review Concepts Report (Assessment) The process of receiving, reviewing, and implementing feedback from peer reviews is one of the most efficient tools that could be used to improve a piece of scholarly or academic writing. In this paper, I will analyze the feedback provided by my peers and my instructor with a scope of […]

Effects of Online and Face-to-Face Feedback

Effects of Online and Face-to-Face Feedback Vossen, Koutamanis, and Walther, (2017) in this paper are poised to fill certain gaps in available literature knowledge on feedback, and self esteem. In this paper, the researchers explored the online form of communication and as to how certain relationships that have been tested using face to face models […]

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback 1. Introduction The researcher has highlighted the research question, aim and objectives, before the specific introduction to give a clear picture of the dissertation. 1.1 Research Question To ascertain whether 360 degree feedback could prove to be a promising appraisal mechanism for the staff motivation and development in the current economic crisis […]