Oxfam Strategic Plan Synopsis



Oxfam Strategic Plan Synopsis

The presentation aims to display a strategic plan for Oxfam which is an international corporation. The strategic plan of the organization will focus on developing an international movement of committed individuals involving both the internal and external stakeholders coming together to fight injustice and poverty across the globe (Eade & Williams, 1995). The driving force of the strategic plan is their mission of ensuring that the earth’s populace currently living in poverty-stricken areas are able to freely and fairly live from the injustices as a result of poverty on a globe that possesses all the natural resources they need. The stakeholders to be involved in the plan will include the government, Sponsors and Donors, volunteers, Executive Board of Directors, and the organization’s Board of Trustees.

The strategic plan will focus on:

  • Creating a globally influencing network
  • Improving program quality, assessing, supervising and learning.
  • Reinvigorating responsibility
  • Investing and committing to people by means of valuing, comprehension and motivating the shareholders to the acknowledgment of the corporation’s vision.
  • Attaining cost-effectiveness via setting out investment in opposition to a background of zero cash flow development.

The primary goal of the strategic plan will be to guarantee an equitable access for everybody regardless of their race, gender and ethnic background. Such aim will justice as well as exercise people’s right to global quality services to ensure that they are full players within their societies and being able to lie in a world comfortable for them to reinforce social and democratic fabric of their specific societies (Coady & Dizioli, 2017).


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