Leadership and Management

Question 1

To determine what makes up effective leadership, there is the need of assessing the important leadership qualities that each leader should have. Also, it will be relevant to address the issue of the process of developing effective leaders. This will entail learning the skills that improve the leadership abilities of an individual. Additionally, there will be the need of relating effective leaders to the type and nature of the organization. The reason for this is the fact that full knowledge of a particular organization is required to make an effective leader.

Question 2

Researchers have come up with different opinions regarding effective leadership. Some argue that effective leaders are born with prominent leadership personalities. Others argue that individuals learn how to become leaders. During the conference, such differences should be addressed adequately to ensure that the participants of the conference fully understand the concept of effective leadership (Northouse 301). More so it is important to make it clear that a leader should be flexible regarding the different types of leadership styles.

Question 3

The leadership training conference will be aimed at elaborating that the different leadership styles are appropriate for different settings. As such there will be the need to make it known that different leaders can use different styles of leadership (Northouse 301). More so the participants will be taken through essential skills and abilities that the effective leaders should possess. This will be done in a bid to assist them in identifying the leadership style that suits them best.

Question 4

Leaders and managers who have demonstrated a high level of success in the college will be invited to be the primary instructors during the conference. Other leaders from the state division of human services who have substantial experiences in leadership can also be asked to give valuable insights during the talk.

Question 5

Since the conference will entail leadership training, the sessions will be scheduled to take 2 hours every week incorporating a different leader on each session. This will ensure that different ideas and concepts will be availed to the participants.

Question 6

Various ways of evaluating the efficiency of the conference will be employed. The first one is the short time evaluation in which the participants will be asked to provide feedback on how the conference was carried out and how it impacted on their leadership skills (Northouse 301). For long-term evaluation, the performances of the participants will be monitored to see if there are any changes. More so the overall behavior of the participants should be addressed for changes to determine if there are any form of changes with regard to the content of the conference.

Question 7

The participants of the conference should be all the individuals who have been placed in leadership positions. First, their performance merits should be investigated to ascertain if they are indeed performing with regard to the expectations. The other target group will be the leaders who have not been exposed to leadership training and experiences in the course of their academics and careers. One policy that should be implemented is that all the individuals who are proposed for a leadership position should be eligible. To implement such a policy, the leadership conferences and training program should be introduced to train individuals regularly.

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