High Rise Buildings

High Rise Buildings

Buildings between 75 feet and 491 feet (23 m to 150 m) high are high-rises (Chow & Hung, 2003). This is most suited for the fire industry. Due to its considerate height, it is easier to navigate from one office to the other within a shorter period. Basing on this fact it is most appropriate for the fire company.

As a lieutenant in a fire company, issues that relate to fire are of most priority. Building high-rise constructions are advantageous in some way for the fire company. Tall buildings offer easier access to many services within a shorter time. This will be of importance to the fire industry that one works in. As we strive to meet short deadlines within our duties, we consider time-saving factors. Here, a high-rise building is more important in this sector. It allows more space in terms of land availability for use by the fire engines and other fire related functions that require space.

This construction type has its challenges due to it being a high-rise building. Moving from a lower office to the other one situated on top floors is tedious and time-consuming. In case of a faulty lift, when one needs to move upwards, it becomes stressful at times. To add to the above-mentioned disadvantage, it is also true that in the case of fire breakup, high-rise buildings are very risky. Fire can consume the whole building leading to greater losses to the company. Without proper emergency in place, huge losses emerge at such eventualities. 

However, this kind of building offers an exceptional service to the users. It is highly secured by virtue of all its offices situated in one place. This becomes easier for security implementation.


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