Government and National Security


National security is one of the core roles of the government of the United States of America. Both the federal and the state governments have a duty in this. The federal government has the role of guarding its borders, protecting individual and national property and putting in place measures to counter any possible security threat.

The debate on threats by the ISIS

The United States is currently facing the issue of the ISIS, which is a well-organized terror group. According to a news article by Cooper (2017), the terror group has recently had a lot of losses but either way does not seem to surrender.  There has been a lot of debate on how to combat the military group. In his campaign, the president, Donald Trump, the president promised he will bomb and ban immigration by the Muslims. This left the public with a lot of outrage as this was against the American values, thus the need for better strategy to fight the terror group. The policy makers of the USA came suggested ways certain strategies they can use such as destroying the ISIS abroad and prevention of immediate threats.

Destruction of ISIS abroad 
The US Congress should pass an authorization for the use of military force against ISIS. US should increase airstrikes. Since 2014 when the fight against the ISIS in abroad started, the USA has been able to destroy many of the ISIS targets. The ISIS has lost their control of major cities such as Ramadi and about half of its territory. To achieve this, there is need for the nation to form coalition with external countries by developing anti-ISIS propaganda. US should engage regional allies and local groups that will help in supply of troops.

Prevention of immediate threats

The government should prevent the potential recruiting of personnel to join the army by stopping the terrorists from getting into the United States and making they cannot access weapons such as guns. The ISIS took advantage of the Visa Waiver Program, which allowed the citizens of countries fighting against the terror attack, and got into the US to recruit more people (Fernandez, 2015). There was need to change this law and counter the militia group. The lawmakers need also to guard Americans from potential terrorist by enacting a legislation barring the terrorists from purchasing guns. According to a news article by Posen (2015), one of the solutions to the ISIS problem is containment using viable mechanisms. It would prevent them from gaining more territory.

The best approach: Destruction of ISIS abroad

The best way the Americans can combat the terror group is by destroying them from abroad as mere protection may only be short term giving the terror group more time to organize terror attacks. Attacking them from abroad makes them vulnerable due to destruction of their property and least control over the cities.

Role of federal, state and local governments in combating the ISIS
The federal government holds roles that are diplomatic in nature, attending the departments charged with identifying and combating terrorists, military and intelligence policy (Fernandez, 2015). It develops vision that mitigates the security threats. Its key role is deciding whether the country will play defensive or offensive.

The state and the local government provide useful intelligence information that is necessary in combating the terror group. The Federal entities work to empower the states and the local government by giving them training on ways recognizes criminal movements.

The responsibilities of the branches of federal government

The federal government has 3 branches: the executive, the judiciary and the legislature.

The legislature also called the congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives and has the mandate of making laws governing the nation.

The Supreme, which is the head of the Judiciary interprets the constitution and limits the powers of the other branches of the government (Pacelle, 2015). It determines laws that are constitutional and those that are not.

The Executive is composed of the president, the vice president and the cabinet. It implements the laws that the congress makes. The president appoints the cabinet and the heads of federal agencies.


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