Technology As A Tool For Governments

Technology as the Tool for Government authorities

  • Introduction

    Based on 1984, it is obvious that this government will be stimulated by fidelity (Orwell 3). Within the book, the federal government mandates the general public to aid its goal to oversee the particular greater Oceania. In accordance to the guide, being loyal in order to the party needs the citizens in order to accept the government’s directions without doubt (Orwell 6). Presently, the government programs to introduce a good invented language within Oceania (Orwell 89). The party desires everyone to connect utilizing the language.

    The main aim of implementing the language will be to avert politics insurgence by finding rid of almost all related expressions. Within Oceania, the concept of having bad thoughts is illegal (Orwell 89). Within the contemporary society, frontrunners are surprised in order to witness a quantity of countries switching their governments’ fidelity by using technologies to trigger protests (Al-Rasheed 675). Due to this, some postulate that will technology has avoided humans from believing critically.

    According to the particular critics, technology will certainly eventually stimulate constant transformation and protest leading to a lot more free communities. Beneath, the paper argues that the authorities is utilizing technologies because of its interests. Simply by doing so, the content illustrate how the particular use of the technology simply by the government with regard to its own reasons has affected the general public.

    Technologies as a device of surveillance plus pain

    People who believe that will the government is using technology for the own interests concur that technology seemed to be initially containing typically the aim of bettering human welfare. That is surprising to be able to note that the government is working with technology contrary to be able to the public’s fascination. Through surveillance, the us government has proved of which technology can always be abused (Mason & Charles 380). Relating to the creators of modern cctv surveillance technology, the creativity was supposed to be able to help the govt trace criminals.

    The technological innovation was never conceived to be applied in mass cctv surveillance. Recently, it absolutely was described that Doctor Joshep Atick, an owner of current confront recognition machinery, seemed to be worried how the authorities were abusing typically the technology by infringing on individuals’ privateness (Mason & Charles 381). Its opposite for the govt to track law-abiding citizens using typically the surveillance machinery mainly because it compromises prove privacy.

    Through surveillance, gov departments collect personal data about its individuals. If these files are not safeguarded, internet criminals might gain access to the details such seeing that emails, contact numbers, and even credit card quantities. In such conditions, the citizens may well lose their personal savings through mischievous plans.

    In the same way, the us government is using typically the technology to encounter its interests by simply employing it while a device of personal. In 1984 , the publisher illustrates how an authorities exploits technology to be able to torture its people (Orwell 65). Simply by doing so, the particular government helps to ensure that the particular citizens tend not to are at odds of its rules. In addition, the technology stops Oceania’s citizens coming from championing from the data corruption in the federal government. Currently, the US ALL military is claimed to take control of microwave weapons systems.

    The weapons may be used to cause physical episodes on the goals. The weapons could cause stress, actual physical torture, and convert residences into areas of tremendous enduring.

    Despite the fact that the government never used the technologies against its people, people should end up being weary in the living of this technologies. If the open public revolves against the particular government in the foreseeable future, the particular administration might holiday resort to the technologies in a wager to contain the particular protests. In case there is these kinds of an event, people would be deprived, because the technology can cause significant actual physical damages.

    Based on the particular above illustrations, this is clear that will the government is definitely technology to progress its interest from the expense regarding the public pursuits. Therefore, the open public should demand the particular government to make use of technologies appropriately.

    The use regarding the world wide web

    With improving dependency on the net, the particular government is improving its control within the sector with the particular purpose of advancing their interests just since the Oceania federal government did (Orwell 2). In the guide, the federal government monitors each citizen’s acts. Within all places Wiston Smith’s explores, the particular government authorities are usually informed by checking him through telescreens (Orwell 22). However, the government will be increasingly hacking upon individuals’ information upon the internet (Goldsmith & Tim 23).

    Likewise, the government offers increased its energy on the web through censorship. This is alleged that will through social networking the particular government agencies are usually accessing citizens’ info that it can not access via conventional means.

    In that way, the particular government is violating the citizens’ personal privacy. When the authorities has excess force on the internet, the residents will probably be negatively impacted. The federal government will choose the actual citizens ought to access and exactly what they should not really. Through this, are going to denied important info.

    Likewise, government uses technologies to advance their passions through propaganda. Throughout election periods, the particular public members are usually often bombarded along with propaganda messages via their gadgets using the aim of impacting on these to vote with regard to certain individuals (Bennett 90).

    As such, media received via electronic gadgets is supposed to become informative and educative. Nevertheless , the authorities is currently utilizing the technology to go after the public in order to take positions. The particular above acts possess disastrous effects around the citizens. As this kind of, propaganda distracts all of them from making their own own independent choices. The information may also affect the democracy (Allison 56).

    Therefore, the particular public should withstand all attempts simply by the government to improve its internet energy and distribute divulgación via the moderate. In that way, the general public will be capable to develop their own own decisions improving democracy in the particular society.

    Opposition’s views

    According to the parties rival the above statements, the government is using the technology to enhance the welfare associated with the society (Mason & Charles 379). The critics argue that with the make use of of mass monitoring, the government offers been capable to enhance national security. These people claim that along with effective use associated with mass surveillance the government can considerably reduce the rates of crime.

    According to them, if monitoring is effectively applied in major general public places, criminals will certainly fear to have out their ill motives for fear of being discovered plus penalized later. Similarly, the critics think that crimes such because bribery would become eliminated through mass surveillance since the perpetrators would fear to undertake the take action under surveillance.

    The resistance also believes that this government should boost its control over the web (Goldsmith & Tim 57). These people assert that along with enhanced power over the internet, the government can be within a better placement to safeguard the general public from terrorism, internet bullying, and kid pornography (Goldsmith & Tim 60). Without the government control over the web, the general public members accessing the internet would end up being vulnerable to online crooks.

    The critics believe that the government continues to be able to track and prosecute internet criminals by growing its control over the internet (Goldsmith & Tim 62). Similarly, the experts assert that the government should enhance its control over the internet to make sure that all the web site owners meet the needed standards. Depending on these claims, the resistance believes that this authorities is not utilizing the technology in contrary to the public interests.


    Usually, governments thrive due to loyal support through the members of the public. While such, the authorities expects the general public to support the daily activities. Faithful citizens are expected to obey the government directions without any hesitations. Now, the entire world leaders are surprised to witness improved demonstrations across the world owing to the use of technology. Based on the recent event, critics argue that technology has hampered humans from believing critically.

    The above post argues that the governments utilize technology because of its own passions. Through surveillance, the government continues to be capable to monitor the movements of the public members. By doing so, will not only infringe on the privacy rights, but additionally risk exposing their own information to internet criminals. Critics claim that it will be illegal for that authorities to track the members of the public with the use of monitoring machinery.

    Correspondingly, the authorities utilizes technology to meet up the interests by employing it as an instrument of torture. Whenever used as the torture tool, technology can cause bodily attacks on the targeted victims. With regard to instance, microwave weaponry can cause tension, physical torture, and change residences into locations of tremendous anguish.

    Along with increasing internet connection, governments are growing their control over the sector. With regard to instance, the government offers been accused associated with censoring internet content material. By doing therefore, the public continues to be limited from being able to access informative information. Similarly, trough the web control the authorities can hack in to individuals’ information.

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