Feminism in Pitch Perfect 2

Pith perfect 2 is a musical film that touches on various topics including community and friendship, but the most prevalent theme in the movie is feminism. The film focuses on addressing feminism through the development of the characters and the writing of the story. The film addresses the question of size and ideas on females as portrayed in the film by presenting women of different weights, sexuality, color, skin tone, and ethnic backgrounds. Despite the differences, the ladies are given essential and leading roles and their respect for each other goes against the “one-size fits all mentality.” Rebel Wilson portraying Fat Amy who is overweight stands out in the film steering clear from the perfect sized woman portrayed in many films. Career ambitions by the female gender are also highlighted with the struggles Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) goes through and perseveres until she gets her breakthrough as a music producer. As the Bellas converse about their future, the power of choice, which is an essential aspect of feminism, is highlighted with decisions of any members of the group not judged or critiqued. The film is centered on females in the development of the feature and plotline development and the males in the movie support the Bellas to achieve their goals. I believe the movie does a useful task in addressing feminism and shows the importance of community and friendship.  The film represents equality of the sexes and seeks to explain that the female gender can achieve their goals.            The film taught me the importance of respecting diversity, the role of friendship and community, and helped me learn a lot about feminism. The film meant a lot to me regarding respecting others despite differences and that other people’s views matter a lot and helps one another to achieve a common goal.

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