Factors That Contributed to George’s Success


Generally in different types of directions taken on life, the results of a good journey are always success. Successful life depends on the several crucial decisions we make as we keep to sail through the difficult challenges of life.  The book “The pact” outlines the successes experienced by the three black men; George Jenkins, Sampson Davis and Rameck Hunt in their quest for a better and successful life. They were raised up in an environment full of ignorance, violence and failure. The experience is of racism that gets the boys have little faith of the future.  Finally, they promise themselves that they will make it to college and graduate as doctors. They get a scholarship to join college where they still face challenges of mediocrity, racism and failure. They decide to counter the obstacles and finally they earn their degrees. The following are the ways that led to the success of George Jenkins.


Visionary, dedication and hard work are great qualities towards succeeding.  When George was young, he was taken to the dentist by the mother. During the visit, the dentist taught George how to count teeth and then highlighted names of all the equipment that were used in the lab. From that day, George developed interest to become a dentist and decided to work towards it.  Dedication is seen as he trusts that he had the strength to achieve the dreams. He once spoke that he was given a dream where there was no hope that’s the best thing he acquired at that moment. George joined school and dedicated much of his time in his studies; a character that earned him his mother’s trust and even the teachers. He always sought assistance that is required for his good Performance. He is seen avoiding some of the activities that he loves most and enjoyed to have the best results academically. Ms. Viola Johnson, a teacher of George in the third grade gave support and hope for the students to work hard and think of the dreams that they thought were hard to achieve. Dr. Thomas who is the dentist gave courage to George when he got the braces which helped him to become a dentist.   

Discipline, patience and planning have greatly influenced success. George is seen to exhibit a disciplined character, when he became friends with Rameck and Sampson and realized that they drank a lot of alcohol and he decided not to indulge in the drinking activity. When he joined them to a party he opted not to drink. He avoided the wreaked behavior the friends had so as not to regret later but appreciate the sacrifices he made. The doctors learnt to be patient with the various downfalls for them to be successful. George is heard advising that the issue with current generation is that they want everything at that moment which is normally deceitful. One is required to have a strategic plan how to achieve the goals.

Care and positive influence in people’s life leads to success. Love gave George courage and taught him never to give up attitude. Mr. Jackson treated George like his son. He bent rules just in favor of the children (Davis and Sampson,03). He could buy gifts for both his son and George wherever he arrived from trips just to show them how being successful and having money is important. George’s mother had love for her son which made her work hard to enable them to stay in their house. She was tough, determined and consistent which challenged George to work hard too. When George travelled all the way to the medical school to comfort Sampson who was discouraged with the poor performance. George and Rameck took their time to talk to him to change the attitude he had towards life for a whole weekend. This was only possible since they had care towards each other. They felt that the success of Sampson could also be their success. The formation of Ujima group which could visit schools around to give advice to the young students on importance of working hard and get to college showed concern on other people and not just themselves; they later the upheld the project helping the society so much.


This story encourages the youths, it shows them the importance of hard work towards achieving their dreams by keeping the kind of friends that have the same goal in life. The story shows that despite the disappointments, the mistakes, the shortcomings and the failures we should never gave up.  The story teaches the youth the importance of being each other’s keepers and giving better life directions to our friends. 

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