youtube case study samples

YouTube Case Study Samples

Answer 1

Yes, I personally use YouTube. The favorite content upon YouTube would become any funny movie. Every day numerous humorous videos are published online across the particular globe. The video clips are rejuvenating and therefore are a source associated with instant entertainment.

Apart from Youtube . com another video web site which i use is usually Metacafe. There are usually around 40 mil unique viewers each week on Metacafe. Unlike YouTube, this website does not permit duplicate videos in order to be uploaded. An additional advantage of Metacafe is that when your video will get popular you will get compensated for it!

Answer 2

YouTube is undoubtedly the particular most preferred social networking platform to write-up any video content material for branding. The particular businesses should choose for optimized movie search as this particular assists with placing their own video on best of the shown results. Allowing the particular videos to proceed viral and in order to create an helpful and useful movie will attract even more viewers.

A good campaign worthy of a mention might be that associated with Coke in Dec 2011. They developed a video entitled “ There is usually a reason in order to believe in the better world”. The particular appeal factor associated with the video is situated in the truth that once the individuals were worried in order to step in this year because they feared the particular world stomach in order to an end, Cola gave them grounds to rejoice. These people very smartly utilized kids in the particular video as these people are the greatest medium to communicate positivity. This tactic within turn helped Cola create an quick brand recall plus positive connect along with the target group.

Answer 3

The user generated content can be helpful but can become hazardous for the brand image in case not monitored. Hence, the businesses ought to carefully monitor these. Social networking sites (for example its personal Facebook page) ought to be tracked regularly to check in case you will find discussions about any videos that are defaming the brand. The businesses must take appropriate actions to nullify them. An internal response team comprising of the senior management, legal representatives and corporate communications representatives ought to address the issue.

Defamatory content material should not become ignored, and appropriate action is necessary. The businesses can ask for the party to take the video away, mark them because inappropriate, delete the false comments on the video or respond to them. They can actually respond with a press release or take legal actions against the erring party. However, regarding legal action the content posted anonymously may lead to bad publicity, and high cost may be incurred on litigation.

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