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World Future Fund: “Law of NATURE” Essay

Climate change is among the most widely discussed and influential topics of today’s world. Since changes in nature affect not merely people but additionally other living things, it is very important to make certain that all the creatures have equal usage of rights that could enable sustainable development and save the earth from being destroyed. The video and readings demonstrate how dangerous it isn’t to take into consideration a number of aspects taking part in the functioning of the planet.

The “Law of NATURE” indicates that not folks are not the only real ones who must have rights. Moreover, the “Law” urges that folks have moral obligations to NATURE, and they should never destroy her resources and neglects its needs. Based on the “Law,” the life span systems of NATURE deserve a couple of rights, that will increase their chances for survival. Thus, NATURE should have the proper to “keep up with the integrity of life and natural processes,” “continue vital cycles and processes clear of human alteration,” “be at equilibrium,” “clear water,” “oxygen,” among others (“Law of NATURE”). Singer’s article can be worried about this topic, the writer mentioning that animals deserve exactly the same consideration as humans.

Singer remarks that there surely is a demand “for a whole change inside our attitudes to nonhumans.” Whereas humanity has initiated movements against discriminating against people based on gender or sexual orientation, it is definitely neglecting the discrimination against nonhumans (Singer). This notion is further developed in Vidal’s video, that is focused on the dramatic outcomes which have been due to climate change in Bolivia.

The country’s president will blame rich and developed states for causing harm to nature. Evo Morales says that it’s “shameful” that the united states cover defense is $687 billion, whereas its cover saving life and preventing climate change is $10 billion (Vidal 00:23-00:36). For Bolivians, climate change is “a matter of life and death (Vidal 03:17-03:20). Because the most Bolivians are indigenous, they hold a solid belief that climate change may be the upshot of Mother Nature’s being “out of balance” (Vidal 07:09-07:15). Also, many of these people blame the rich countries for the drastic changes they see around them (Vidal).

All the authors agree that folks are not the only real creatures on the planet whose interests is highly recommended when planning significant changes. Indigenous people interviewed in Vidal’s video think that “everything on earth forms part of a large family” (10:55-11:02). Singer argues that it’s essential to change the attitudes toward nonhumans completely. “Law of OUR MOTHER EARTH” proclaims the equality of individuals, animals, and plants.

It is very important to take into consideration all the arguments expressed in the video and readings to be able to think of a singular approach to the issues that the earth faces. It is about time for people to understand that when they continue acting as though they are the main creatures living in the planet, they’ll soon lose everything OUR MOTHER EARTH has directed at them. A holistic method of addressing climate change can save humanity, in fact it is crucial to begin looking for solutions as quickly as possible. When people recognize that they ought to cooperate with other species instead of exploit them, they’ll earn the opportunity for survival.

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