World Aids Day Celebration Newspaper Research

World AIDS Day Celebration: Newspaper Research

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) cases are increasing per year. It does not only affect women but men and children as well. The disease is definitely transmitted and is very fatal. Even though years of study have already been done, no treatments were still available to cure the disease. According to UNAIDS, HIV/AIDS is affecting 33. 2 Million people including 2. 5 million children and around the year 2007 another 2. 5 million people got newly infected with the disease.

We could just see the fast pace of passing the infection from one person to another. About half of the total number of people affected by the disease contracted the disease before they reach the age of 25 and unfortunately dies before they reach the age of 35 (World AIDS Day, n. d). The developing nations account for 95% of the total number of HIV/AIDS victims. With this kind of trend in society, what was the answer of the health sector all over the world? What was done to increase the awareness of the people about the disease? What purpose does World AIDS Day serve and what is the main goal of the founders why they started the observance of the said day? Why do we still mention it today?

On December 1, 1988, the very first World AIDS Day was established. The concept of the celebration of World HELPS Day started in the 1998 Globe Summit of Ministers of Health upon Programmes for HELPS Prevention joined by 140 countries (World AIDS Day 2006, n. d. ). The campaign is not merely for raising funds but also for increasing awareness, improving education, and fighting prejudice (World AIDS Day, n. d). Celebrated every first of December, this serves to strengthen global efforts to address the challenges that the pandemic of AIDS brings (World AIDS Day, n. d. ). This day allowed the non-governmental and local organizations, as well as individuals to show the importance of fighting AIDS and their dedication to this campaign.

Every year World AIDS Day has different themes. The very first celebration of the World AIDS Day was “Communication”, in 1989 “Youth”, within 1990 “Women plus AIDS”, 1991 “Sharing the Challenge”, 1992 “Community and Commitment”, 1993 “Act”, 1194 “AIDS and the particular Family”, 1995 “Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities”, 1996 “One Globe, One Hope”, 97 “Children Living within a World along with AIDS”, 1998 “Force for Change: Globe AIDS Campaign along with Young People”, 99 “Listen, Learn, Reside: World AIDS Strategy with Children plus Young People”, 2k “ AIDS: Males Make a Difference”, 2001 “I treatment. Would you? ” 2002 and 2003 “Stigma and Discrimination, 2005 “Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS”, 2006 “Stop AIDS: Maintain the Promise”, 06\ “Stop AIDS: Maintain the Promise-Accountability”, and 2007 “Stop HELPS: Keep the Promise-Leadership”.

Every 12 months different themes had been made and link with the styles organizations discuss info that the general public must know. The particular themes are the particular basis of exactly what would be incorporated in the discussions all over the particular world. This might provide them with a concept on which subject to pay attention to thus growing the awareness associated with the people regarding AIDS every 12 months.

Each Year, from 1988-2004, it was the UNAIDS that spearheaded the World AIDS Day campaign; it was the organization that consulted the themes with other global health organizations. By the year 2005, the responsibility was then given to World AIDS Campaign (WAC) and this organization chose the main theme “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise” for World AIDS Day until the year 2010.

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year and a red ribbon is worn as an important symbol of AIDS awareness. This is worn all year round by some people and some wear this every first of December just to remind everyone of World AIDS Day thus remembering why this day is celebrated. Some may wear this to demonstrate their care and concern about HIV and AIDS and somehow affect others for their commitment and support.

Why the World AIDS Day is then celebrated all across the globe? World AIDS Day is not just celebrated in the United States, Europe, or Asia, it is observed all over the world because the disease does not only affect this part of the globe, but the occurrence of the disease is worldwide. This affects men, women, and children all over the globe. Considering the fast pace of the particular infection, people almost all over the globe have to be informed associated with the disease.

The awareness should spread worldwide in order to educate the individuals concerning the disease to become careful and prevent activities that could reveal them to associated with having the illness. Education about the particular disease must also consist of information about the particular type of activities that will may predispose 1 to the illness. Proper education plus wide awareness might be a step to avoidance and prevention are usually very essential since the disease has simply no known cure.

All over the particular world, awareness-raising actions are done plus this is took part by some individuals showing they are worried with the significance of education regarding AIDS. Global consciousness is very essential to assist decrease the particular number of bacterial infections per year. This particular does not impact only a particular locality but almost all people, without exclusions, can be contaminated by the illness thus worldwide info dissemination is the must.

What’s the importance associated with celebrating World HELPS Day? This pretty day is really a continuous reminder for all of us that will there is the disease, a deadly one that is extremely contagious and impacts millions of individuals around the world. This day is a reminder that HIV is here to stay until a cure is found. That every year we are reminded of our responsibility as a person to help in our little way in stopping the spread of the disease. Living by example may affect others and be responsible for themselves as well. This is where love and support are important among family members and between husband and wife. In this way, people would tend to look ahead and plan their life rather than perform around and enjoying the illness.

Why will be this day nevertheless mentioned until the present? HIV/AIDS has not yet gone away. It is still left with no treatment for cure. Studies are still done to find the treatment for the said disease. World AIDS Day is a constant reminder for us that there are still a lot of people living with AIDS, many die from the disease. World AIDS Day would always remind us of the purpose it serves. It is to raise the communities’ awareness about the said disease. This also calls for support and understanding to those people living with the disease and the need to educate people about the disease and the prevention initiatives (World AIDS Day 2007 Stop AIDS Keep the Promise, n. d. )

In the present day, World AIDS Day has already influenced a lot of nations. The response of the people from different races and different cultures was positive that they even voluntarily participated in increasing the community’s awareness about the disease. This day is marked worldwide, and their purpose was met. Through the help of the government and the concerned people, this day is set to remain a primary vehicle for reinforcing the awareness about AIDS either nationally or internationally regardless of the theme or the participation of the UN (World AIDS Day, n. d. ).

World AIDS Day was created to serve a great purpose; it is to increase the awareness of the people. Increasing their awareness would include a plan for a better education so in order to ensure that the people much better understand AIDS. AIDS may be a complicated disease to understand but one doesn’t need to know the process that is going on with the disease. The most important thing that the people must know is its prevalence, it’s being contagious, how a person can have it, its effects and how is it prevented. These are the things that World AIDS Day is primarily focusing on. Celebrating World AIDS Day every year constantly reminds us of the purpose, decrease the prevalence of the disease.

By increasing awareness, chances it would be decreasing the HIV/AIDS cases every year. Proper information dissemination, especially with the activities done during World AIDS Day would help people reflect on its effects. New movements have been done. They wanted to transform World AIDS Day, not just a day for awareness but a day for transformation as well. The group came up with the activity entitled “6000 Reasons to Act” this is because 6000 children will lose a parent every day because of AIDS (World AIDS Day, n. d. ). This is an effect of the World AIDS Day information dissemination that was started almost 20 years ago.

World AIDS Day did not just awaken people to be careful with their very own selves but it also awakened the charity in them because many organizations were born to help people with AIDS through World AIDS Day.


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