Women’s Activism Sources Around Climate Change

Women’s Activism Sources Around Climate Change


Ecofeminism is one of the essential trends of coherent society that includes many ideas and concepts prevalent in the modern world. One of its fundamental ideas states that balance is really a core component of nature that should be observed to guarantee that the planet will be able to evolve and recover from the pernicious impact of human activity. The ruthless exploitation of its resources, as well as the discrimination and oppression of women, becomes central reasons for the fast deterioration of the state of the environment plus the health associated with the nation, which usually proves the suggestions of this motion.

Today, women be a little more active regarding environmental issues plus the requirement for switch to stop the particular deterioration of the particular climate. Regarding ecofeminism, their involvement will be one of the particular essential parts associated with a new well balanced society that may your phase associated with sustainable development. Taking the significance of women’s factor towards the protection associated with nature, the provided project introduces the particular following research query:

What are usually the main causes of women’s activism close to climate change, and exactly how this relates in order to their oppression because women in patriarchal societies?

The response to this query will assist you to understand the particular fundamentals of ecofeminism, the importance associated with balance, and women’s role in modern society.

Definition of Ecofeminism

In general, ecofeminism may be determined since the belief that the particular domination of ladies and nature will be the basis for the hierarchy of male and female and relations (Greta, 2015). At the same period, women and the particular earth are used as the primary of the organic world and the future existence. These types of elements symbolize durability, health, and duplication, the factors that will play leading functions in the existence of any person. From the ecofeminist perspective, the dominance, superiority of men plus the exploitation associated with women make damage of the atmosphere and appearance associated with multiple issues that will deteriorate the healthiness of the particular nation. For this particular reason, there exists a critical need for seeking the balance that may be attained by the particular promotion of feminism and green bonuses that will assist in order to save the world. In this respect, ecofeminism becomes the combination of these ingredients.

Today, this particular paradigm acquires the topicality and gets one of the particular recognizable movements throughout the world. 1 of the top factors for the particular popularization of ecofeminism is the fast-deteriorating state of the particular environment, which will be mainly linked to the primary features of patriarchal society. The wish for power, prominence, and fierce competition precondition the option of specific types of relations with the particular planet presupposing the draining (Greta, 2015). Regarding this, ecofeminism, along with its focus on the particular reconsideration of those designs, broad women’s participation, and the stability becomes an answer that may satisfy almost all parties and enhance the state from the environment. Additionally, primary on human privileges and equality produces the ground with regard to the successful spread of this idea and its empowerment in various regions of the world.

Ecofeminism and Nature

A critically important feature of ecofeminism is its strong links with nature. Since the first stages of the development and evolution of this paradigm, the planet has been considered an unique place that should be protected. Similar to women and their oppression, nature also suffers from male conquest who try to dominate and control both women and resources available for them. In this regard, ecofeminism, as a subsection, subdivision, subgroup, subcategory, subclass of environmental integrity and politics, dedicates much attention in order to issues related to character (Greta, 2015). The particular climate, pollution, damage of the environment, and multiple elements can be regarded as the primary area of issue this theoretical platform as it is designed at the removal of women’s oppression and restoration associated with balance if almost all spheres of human being activity, including society’s relation with character.

Mainly due to this unusual combination associated with its leading objectives, ecofeminism becomes 1 of the substantial forces and causes of women’s activity concerning climate change. Women are traditionally more worried about about such problems as environmental wellness, habitats, and livelihoods (Greta, 2015). Because of this, nature and the current state obtain the main concern associated with this paradigm. Ecofeminism insists on the particular necessity to reexamine social domination plus eliminate roots with regard to hatred of character as well as ruthless fermage since the survival associated with species, including human being beings, depends upon what capability of the world to evolve plus preserve balance. Within this regard, the particular given concept continues to be closely linked in order to multiple environmental issues which are associated along with a patriarchal community because of the character. Women, along with their better knowledge of health and weather, can end up being the main actors assisting change and removing all forms associated with unwise relations among individuals and along with the planet.

Goodes Mythology plus Ecofeminism

The idea of ecofeminism is instead new; however, presently there are multiple perquisites for its introduction that can become traced to previous times. The concept engraves various historic mythologies and thoughts developed by people along with an attempt to explain the rules associated with nature and the particular way functions. Numerous created goddesses displayed characteristics from the planet and its fundamental features (Baring & Cashford, 1993). Because of this, ecofeminism becomes carefully connected to empress mythology and like recognizable images because Athena, who represents multiple qualities like as wisdom, energy, creativity, and safety. Moreover, today, the present environmental issues could be analyzed from the particular perspective of women’s activism and the particular need for stability in relations along with nature and among genders, which will be among the basic presumptions of ecofeminism. Within general, the reconsideration of society’s relationships with the world seems the almost all effective method that will can be utilized to solve numerous environmental problems that new positive habits.

The significance of the goddess mythology regarding ecofeminism plus environmental issues can also be evidenced by the fact that in multiple mythologies, women had been taken as the expression of sanctity and unity of life (Baring & Cashford, 1993). In the course of development and alterations in people’s mentalities, new changes to these archetypes were applied; however, the myth of the godets remained one of the prevailing forces shaping the worldview of people over time (Baring & Cashford, 1993). Today, there are usually also some unacknowledged or even subconscious, implicit forms within which idea is shown or manifested. With regard to instance, ideas associated with feminism could be related with the misconceptions of powerful goddesses who were accountable for multiple spheres of liveliness. These factors show that the desired balance can be found by appealing to ancient beliefs and trying to restore important knowledge about the role of women in society.

Links between Women and Nature

Ecofeminism also accepts the idea that male and female relations with nature are different. In the majority of cases, women respond faster than men by adapting to multiple coping mechanisms regardless of how effective these methods are (Onwutuebe, 2019). It can be explained by the fact that they understand the peculiarities of the environment and the way nature works better. Being responsible for procreation and children’s upbringing, women possess the inborn qualities that help them to survive in rapidly changing settings by understanding their sources and how they should act to restore the balance (Onwutuebe, 2019). For this reason, there have always been multiple and strong links between females and the environment that helped to preserve the appropriate equilibrium and avoid critical deterioration of living conditions. However , with the development and empowerment of the patriarchal society and intense oppression, women lost their opportunity to impact policy-making and be involved in global relations with the planet.

Today, under the impact of feminist movements and critically deteriorating climate, the power associated with women’s voices begins to increase. At the particular same time, because of the spread and popularization of ecofeminism, additionally there is a better understanding associated with the significance of females within the choice of a good appropriate paradigm within relations with character. Women’s prior wish remains the exact same as they need the world that will be safe for kids, and that will not pose a danger to them (Bolen, 2005). For this particular reason, their knowledge of the environment plus nature helps all of them to avoid risky exploitation patterns plus consider the almost all topical problems by utilizing perspective different through the patriarchal 1.

Causes with regard to Women’s Activity Concerning the Climate Change

Climate change continues to be one of the particular main concerns associated with the modern globe as it preconditions multiple adverse results on just about all areas. These might consist of sea-level rises, exotic cyclones, droughts, water damage, and other risks that impact the standard of people’s life (Tanjeela & Rutherford, 2018). In almost almost all cases, women tend to be more vulnerable to these types of factors if in order to compare with males because they are usually poor (Onwutuebe, 2019). In addition , globally, the significant number of females work in the agricultural sector that is highly exposed to alterations in the environment and climate changes (Onwutuebe, 2019). For this reason, one of the sources of women activism regarding the discussed issue is their belonging to the risk group. Being the first to face multiple adverse effects, they struggle to stop the ruthless exploitation of the planet and its resources and avoid critical outcomes.

Another fundamental source of women’s activism is their high responsibility for the lives of the next generations. Care about children is one of the basic instincts that drive women in their actions and attempts to protect their offspring (Greta, 2015). Deterioration of climate directly impacts the health of the nation as the poor quality of water or air will contribute to the appearance of chronic diseases among young people. For this reason, women are become more concerned with the problem and realize the need for immediate action.

The desire to improve their current position and avoid oppression can be taken as one more essential source of women’s activism regarding climate change. For instance, in areas such as Bangladesh, or Nigeria, the worsening of the climate means higher amounts of low-paid work for women and their further discrimination as they have to spend hours in queues for fresh water or some other products (Onwutuebe, 2019; Tanjeela & Rutherford, 2018). From this perspective, the improvement of climate also means the elimination of humiliating forms of cooperation.

Relation Between Women’s Eco-Activism and Their Oppression

Regarding the ideas mentioned above, multiple links between women’s eco-activism and their oppression become clear. Belonging to the cohort that suffers from climate change most of all, they engage in action to protect themselves and their children from the further deterioration of the environment and new forms of discrimination. Today, many females have little or even no choice of occupation but to work in the agricultural sector presupposing small-scale farming (Onwutuebe, 2019). It deprives all of them of the opportunity to realize on their own in other spheres of human existence, socialize, and effect global decision-making. Regarding this, eco-activism becomes among the forms to battle against various sorts of oppression and attract the attention of the patriarchal society to the problems that are critical at the moment.

Those women who are responsible for securing food, water, fuel, and products for their homes face significant challenges and become even more oppressed as they have no opportunities to devote attention to their personal development and growth (Onwutuebe, 2019). For this reason, eco-activism and feminism become tools that might help this cohort to struggle for their rights by improving the conditions under which they live and making their lives easier. The upgrade in quality also means the improvement in education, which will contribute to a better understanding of their roles in the life of the planet and preserving balance fundamental for the survival of nations. That is why the growth of women’s awareness regarding climate change problems is directly associated to their wish to destroy almost all forms of splendour that affect all of them.

The Significance of Balance within Human Relations along with Nature and Sex Relations

Applying the particular ideas of ecofeminism to concepts plus situations mentioned previously, this is possible in order to conclude that this main cause for these types of outcomes is the particular lack of balance within relations with character. In patriarchal communities, power is 1 of the primary values, which indicates that following this particular concept, humanity will certainly always exploit the particular planet (Greta, 2015). At the same time, the wiser and more effective approach to the cooperation with nature might presuppose the look for new forms that could help to avoid substantial damage to its resources. A new balance can be achieved by analyzing the most problematic climate issues from the perspective of an equal, not patriarchal society.

That is why balance is really a key to solving the problems mentioned above as the inclusion of oppressed women in the international discourse might help to add new and fresh ideas and eliminate many problematic issues in relations with nature and between genders. Establishment of a new paradigm and reconsideration of archaic and not effective forms of cooperation that presuppose discriminative attitudes and unfair distribution of jobs is one of the critical aspects in creating a favorable environment that will help to stop the further climate change (Greta, 2015). Women, with their traditionally deep understanding of nature and disregard of power issues, are critical elements of balance that should be achieved today to guarantee that the next generations will survive and enjoy the world without discrimination.

Positive Effects

The idea of balance offered and discussed here can promote the appearance of multiple positive effects, and some of them can be visible even today. First of all, due to the high popularity of ecofeminism and its spread, many women from many regions, including the many oppressed ones, begin to realize the advantages of action and participate in activities that will assist to solve the particular climate switch problems and boost their states (Williams, 2018). It results within the cultivation associated with a new atmosphere characterized by female’s inclusion in essential social processes and the ability to battle for any better high quality of life with regard to themselves and their own children.

The second beneficial impact may be the emergence associated with fresh ideas concerning climate change plus the positive inclination towards the reduction in the number associated with oppressed women. With regard to a bigger a part of history, thoughts associated with females regarding several social concerns have been disregarded because associated with the dominance associated with men and their own traditional values like power, money, plus wealth (Greta, 2015). However, today, underneath the impact of ecofeminism and aggravation associated with climate concerns, ladies acquire the system and opportunity in order to express their suggestions regarding the character and society’s relations with it and be heard by actors who impact policymaking. It can be taken as a significant achievement of ecofeminism and individuals’ struggle for their rights and the elimination of various forms of oppression.


Considering all the facts mentioned above, it is possible to predict the further evolution and empowerment of ecofeminism as one of the practical tools to struggle against oppression and drawbacks of patriarchal society, including overconsumption, overproduction, ruthless exploitation of nature, and abuse. Humanity now stands at the line, and its crossing means irreversible changes in the environment and destruction of the planet (Greta, 2015). That is why the concept of eco-activism and balance should acquire the top priority as one of the possible ways to save humanity and avoid new adverse effects.

There is already a tendency towards the increase in the number of women who are concerned about climate change and the need for action. In the future, their quantity will continue to grow because of the shift of priorities from the domination of certain groups towards cooperation and compromise (Williams, 2018). In multiple areas characterized by the complex environmental situation, females play leading roles in struggling against the destruction of nature and their oppression. It becomes an useful measure to cultivate equality and tolerance, two qualities that are important for the modern world. For this reason, it is possible to predict the future positive changes in this sphere as there are radical changes in people’s mentalities and the need for action to save the world for the next generations.


Altogether, today women become more concerned about environmental issues and climate change. It happens under the impact of ecofeminism, the myth of goddess, and the correct realization of the need for balance and female’s inclusion in the international discourse as a source of fresh ideas. The factors that serve as the facilitators of eco-activism include women’s more vulnerable position to alterations in the climate, their traditionally strong links with nature, the desire to save children, and eliminate various forms of oppression. Possessing a better understanding of compromise and balance because of their nature, they become more active in their attempts to reconsider patterns that are used today and stop the further destruction of the world. The importance associated with this movement will be evidenced from the truth that there are usually positive perspectives concerning the future development of these suggestions and concepts as well as the increase in the particular number of women engaged in the particular given movement. The particular balance is basic today, and ladies will certainly help to achieve it by adding their understanding of the new paradigm.


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