who is behind susan g komens split from planned parenthood articles example

Who is Behind Susan G Komens Split From Planned Parenthood Articles Example

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Susan G. Komen for the cure, a leading charity for breast cancer has decided to terminate its association with the Planned Parenthood federation of America. The news has created brouhaha in the United States as Planned Parenthood is the biggest reproductive health service provider of the America. People from all over the America are protesting against this decision and want Komen to take the decision back. Women are aggrieved because this step would affect the breast cancer education, research and abortion facilities.
People are flabbergasted about this step and one reason that has been quoted by the organization is a recently adopted policy to stop the grants to the organizations that are currently any kind of investigation under any investigative agency. A formal statement was released by the organization clarifying their position on the issue which reads as " While it is regrettable when changes in priorities and policies affect any of our grantees, such as a long-standing partner like Planned Parenthood, we must continue to evolve to best meet the needs of the women we serve and most fully advance our mission".
The issue involved in this whole episode seems to be related to the newly adopted policy. People are not ready to buy the version of the komen though. The step is welcomed by some sociologists and politicians who are anti abortionists. These people are being blamed by several women organizations for the whole situation. Women organizations declare abortion is lawful in United Claims and komen ought to not be pressurised to stop assisting to Planned Motherhood. Though they state that whatever offers happened will be the outcome of the plans and every corporation should respect the particular policies.
Relating to a current choice of US federal government, church and associated organizations will possess to provide the insurance coverage of contraception in order to their workers included in health plans. The particular rule is stated to become designed a single year back nevertheless the clauses associated with the church plus affiliated organizations continues to be added this period. Your decision has already been widely criticized simply by the people associated with the church plus Catholics from throughout has expressed their own anger on the particular issue. Franciscan Cousin Jane Marie Klein who will be the mind of 13 Catholic hospitals in Indianapolis and Illinois states “ This really is nothing at all less than the direct attack upon religion and Initial Amendment rights”.
People related in order to the church plus affiliated organizations are usually given one yr additional time to clutter with the situation nevertheless based on the notification these people will need to adhere to the instructions. Ladies organizations has indicated their happiness plus supported this action of Obama management. The issues involved with this case would be the issue of equal rights before the legislation as well as the issue associated with exercising religion within a free way. Once the federal government has decided the rule or legislation which has not really been declared opposite to the metabolism of the country, it will possess the same impact on the every person and organization from the land. There cannot be different treatments for various people. If the particular law is relating to the metabolism, the church plus affiliated organizations is going to be bound to adhere to the rule.

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