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Who I Am Documents Example

In everyone’ s life, right now there are some activities or events define who or what sort of person is. We are also not a good exception. But amongst all, there is usually one that frustrated me of the lifelong misconception regarding myself. The paradox of my lifestyle led to the subconscious false plus flat (stereotypical) life-style that needed a surprise (climax) to wake up me up in order to true self breakthrough.

I has been a child associated with a conflicting loved ones who had no normal boyhood. In the middle of all the conflicts, I grew up as a timid and inhibited child. A thousand nights passed by without having any sleep or peace. For this reason, We had to become patient about every thing. I grew up as a silent child and grew more and more serious and distant. I was regular in prayers, as well. At one point, everyone started thinking and saying that I had been an adult and patient child. The greatest irony is that, the painful weakness has been given the name of strength. Listening to this a million occasions, I also developed the idea of personally as an adult and patient person. I grew up being viewed as the good boy of the neighbourhood. My friend’ s parents used to discuss with me personally in private about their kids. All this created this misunderstanding that I has been special and above others. After numerous years, your day showed up when this persistence and maturity were put to test.
I has been an university lecturer along with a married man. Ours was a love marriage going against my family. So , naturally a lot of marriage rites were left to be done. Literally, my wife did not receive a lot of things that were very normal for her to expect. So, she was hurt. Being an introvert by nature, she did not express anything to me. I also could not realize anything because I was burdened with the new responsibility after marriage. I was rushing for my new job.

Months went by, and I travelled across the entire country for conducting company trainings. My wife kept to herself how much she was suffering. The loving life turned lifeless. Mornings arrived and nights went past us in a boring cycle of daily chores and meaningless conversations and television shows. (stereotype) And then arrived the afternoon that culminated in my disillusionment. (contextual climax) My wife was overstressed with all of what she had kept hidden inside. At a very silly matter, she started quarrelling and suddenly started mentioning all her feeling of emptiness, regret behind marrying me, angst and hatred for the life she had. The suddenly she spoke out how much she regretted that I was her life partner. And the balance tripped. I slapped her hard; very hard. Then I went outside. When I returned home after two hours, I found a note on the bed. She had left. I could hear the echo of my breath inside my chest as loudly as (simle) the sound of my steps in the empty corridor (symbol) which ended within my bedroom, straight from the front door.

Had I been mature, I might never have raised a hand. The virtuous patience might conquer my frustration. But it did not happen. With regard to the first time I rediscovered personally truly. (theme of self discovery)Boasting to be a good husband, I could neither feel her pain, nor understand her reason of shouting, and never actually the helplessness the girl felt. I failed, and then We knew who We were.

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