What We Know About Writing Course Work Sample

What We Know About Writing Course Work Sample

Writing any piece of information is a critical moment in any one’s life. The particular elements that determine the nature of a well-written work revolves around the critical tenets of proper planning and substantial ideas. The last time I wrote something became a great situation in my life. There are particular elements that still ring concrete in my mind. The first process involved planning for the idea to write. The planning session involved writing down the particular elements that determine my ideas. The planning process dwells on the temporary elimination of the particular topic of analysis. The major ideas find a basis on paper as counter ideas spin up to replace the initial ideas. The major ideas acquire more weight as the dominant traits of the analysis take centre stage. The writing process is as intriguing as the spun of ideas that crop. The ideas may at times appear vague and unrealistic before finding a ground on paper. The other reverse may also have a basis. They may have a strong case to support. After writing down the initial tranche of the piece, a new idea crops up that is completely different from the initial case. This churns a systematic endearment in the overall support scheme required. Finding the appropriate scheme derives immense strategy towards the project completion. The next phase is strategic in the componential output strategy. In my case, after topic identification, the next process entailed a detailed listing of the ideas that emanated in the topic choice. The ideas always appear numerous and uncontrolled.

As a writer, I never attempt to control the thoughts. This action occurs because the moment one centers on thought control, the details bar the actual outcome. In an attempt to generate as much information as necessary, I write down all the information available for the project. The idea revolves around the policy of preferential selection. This kind of selection influences the right choice in the article writing.

Putting down the ideas to create a unique text is critical in the outcome of the work. The ideas must find a systematic order of production. This calls for a creative writing skill that differs depending on the nature of the work at hand. In my previous work, I made a detailed attempt to establish a chronological text. The main areas that became vital for the project revolved around the issues of somatic endearments.

– Passage writing

The moment one gets in the room, a sweet scent feels becomes evident. The environment is appealing and the sweet scent is welcoming. The first object that appeals to the eye sits against the right wall. It is a huge settee, the texture, soft, color, black, and position, strategic. The strategy of the position dwells on the oval nature of the corner that it stands. The exterior part appears somewhat inclined to conceal a variety of factors that occur in the settee. The moment one sits down, a journey starts to the interior confines of the furniture. It becomes apparent that the seat is as welcoming as the house. The feet never ever want to touch the ground at this angle. This is quite unfortunate since the floor is a mass of soft velvety carpet. The expanse spreads from the main door to the position of the settee. The thick layer of cotton and furry eruptions appear inviting to the one already seated on the couch. As time flies silently noting a tick at each minute on the giant wall clock, eyes rove about the house in sheer anticipation. The first object that hits the eye stands tall at the other extreme corner. It is a rectangular closet with golden handles at both sides. The structure of the closet seems alluring, with subtle hints of finery textures at both sides. The front part contains a blue colored glass coat that dimly displays an array of suits serenely contained within. The typical array is dim but utterly conspicuous in the afternoon light stream from the right window. The rest of the closet is brown and matches perfectly with the color of the wall. The combination is a contractual array that bestows awe to everyone in the room. Close to the closet is a black television that rests solidly on a medium height stand.

The area of the room is enigmatic in its small and concave shape with diverse shapes at the exterior edges. The door stands to prevent the settee from the corner from the incoming guest. This appears concrete and allures to the owner. The commonalities that emerge in the secretive confines of the house benefit from this discreet affair. The bed that rests on the interior part of the house is hard on the exterior parts. The hard wood is a mixture of colors that create a blend with the sheets and covers within. The blue color stands out and illuminates the stretch of action that determines the bed. Essentially, the bed is as comfortable as the covers.

– A response to the reading, “What we know about writing, and why it matters” by Anthony Par

The passage is of similar impression even if the abstract words come before the concrete words. Abstract words show intangibility and they are non-figurative. Likewise, they are immaterial, nonrepresentational and prove of intellectuality. This allows them to be used interchangeable in sentences. They actually describe, reveal, and explain the concrete words in the sentences. The passage is very different when only abstract claims are used. The materials that are meant to be explained are missing. This leaves the reader with much to ponder as he or she cannot tell what is been pictured in the sentences. This type of style is a reference of words to some often used words rather than the obvious things. Really, one should not contemplate the existence of imaginary things that are nevertheless unnecessary. When only concrete descriptions are used, the impression will be the same. The only difference that exists is that, the actuality and existence of the tangible materials is not clearly highlighted. The essence of such expression is to bring out the physical nature and the reality of such. In the above passage, the meaning and description that is portrayed when both sets of expressions are incorporated, brings out flesh to the passage. In contrast to the exceptional use of either concrete or abstract words only, the sense brought out differs to what the writer initially wanted to communicate. For a better essay, all the types of expressions should be involved to show the level and might of the writer in his works. Generally, concrete words are more specific and show distinct traits. Abstract words in contrast are more theoretical. They are speculative and try to conceptualize the whole work of the writer.

According to Antony Par, he takes language as the fundamental tool to good writing. This is because language itself is a master tool. Before you know language then you are rhetoric. This means you have to discover to know language. Language thus is assumed to be the technology behind writing. Writing bulges meaning and knowledge out. This is why it is heuristic. John Gage said writing is examined, tangible because it is done on the paper and not in the head (p. 24). People can write to surprise and provide knowledge instead of just recording it. In order to prove ideas and creativities, finished and well written texts are used. This makes writing a process. It must start from pre writing your work. Then write the work in a piece of paper. To ensure that your work is well written, a thorough revision of it has to be done. It should involve planning, revising and editing. This can be done at individual levels or in pools. To teaching and learning, writing is a product. It is used to name and explain different materials that are made. It also allows for usage of hypertext. This shows transitional effects between the introduction, body and the conclusion of an essay or other type of writing. Writing is taken to be a social action. It develops locally from disciplines and communities. More comprehensively, it allows things to take place and bears consequences as well. All this tell that writing is an activity or a huge project. Writing matters because it is a career for others. The known writers have had significances from minor organizations to scientific fields. Writing helps shape ideas and knowledge. This allows students to be doctors, engineers or any other worthwhile person in the society.

– Artful Language: Academic Writing for the Art Student

Apps and Mamchur refer to the writing process as overwhelming and confusing for some students in the graduate school. The reason for this kind of feelings finds agreement in many students trying to have a writing project. The idea that time is limited possibly has a linkage to poor time allocation that most students encounter. Essentially writing requires adept attention to build the basis. This lacks in many students as proposed by the authors. The different proposals to help student device an effective visual and written structures have a correlative standard in the creativity of an individual. The multi dimensional approach that covers both the professor and the student has a systematic endearment that appeals to both parties. The major ideas covered have a substantial induction that develops a successful thesis.

– The proposals

The writer is convincing the audiences through narrative promotion to like his paintings. In his work, the power of writing is brought out as a product. He has used writing to name and explain his products to the audiences. The audiences are prospective buyers and people who like the work. In this regard, it is a hobby or a professional career.
The writing ideally fits the genre to which it is intended. The use of abstract and concrete expressions acts as a tool for luring the intended targets. It also makes the audiences to imagine and feel the type of materials referred to. Initially, I had clarified the use of writing as a product. This function is utterly present. The accompaniment of the language used makes the audiences rhetoric. This, to the writer or promoter, is an achievement of an objective.

It is found in areas of teaching and learning. The work conceptualizes the ideas of the writer to the audiences. It makes the viewers have the specific and the theoretical ways of his narration of the products.

Both the narrations have evidently defined the pieces of work as per the mental perspective, intellectual and intangible. The hypothetical side and academic elements in the narration make the audiences to conceptualize and conjure. To most, it is speculative as well.

The concrete ideas are definite. The audiences in particular, take them as distinct and specific. The ideas are existent in the real world. The materials presented actually look tangible and physically present. None of them can assume it as insubstantial.

In terms of construction and explanation, there is a relation between the articles and proposals. Both of them from their introduction, the body and finally conclusion, have a transition effect. It is as if there lies a hyperlink in between the words. The writers have used the critics to improve their work positively. They have used the writing in this manner as a social action. This allows them to join and participate in specialized and collective actions such as finding out from what others have done and making it better for the community or the organizations that they work for. The writers are to serve as stewards of their various specialties. Writing is thus central to achieving the desired goals as seen in the articles and proposals. In accordance to this, we should take writing as a chance to explore and help solve our problems and in the process, we create knowledge.

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