Walmart Employees’ Development and Training Essay

Walmart Employees’ Development and Training Essay


Walmart is one of the most recognized companies in the world due to its business success (Soderquist, 2005). It is a multinational retailer corporation running chains of stores. These include department and warehouse stores. The company has employed over two million persons worldwide and operates in nine different retail formats. All these vast businesses require a well-trained workforce to run in order to continue being successful.

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The types of training required to vary extensively from retailers, customer care personnel to top management personnel. The training and development procedures employed should not be one-time events but continuous. It should be integral and ongoing and should become part of the employees’ lives. This would ensure steady growth and ensure that every employee becomes conversant with the changes that occur in the current market.

The first type of training should be an in-depth orientation of the company. This would ensure that the person becomes familiar with the history and culture of the company. This is necessary in order to make the person appreciate the uniqueness of the company and to learn to develop the culture in order to fit within the world of Walmart. This also includes being introduced to the roles and responsibilities that one would take on when one joins the operations.

After getting an orientation, every employee should undergo specific training under particular training and development programs. This would give the person the desired knowledge and tools required in order to be successful in the company. This is where the persons are required to chart their own career paths and accomplish their goals.

There is a need for management training. These are meant to help managers sharpen their leadership skills. This training needs to be open to the employees of Walmart in order to give them an opportunity to venture into managerial positions. Training should go across the different countries of the world in order to encourage diversity and to foster the unique culture of the company (Kendall, 1998).


A training program is also required at Sam’s Club. These include training in customer relations (interpersonal skills) and managerial training. This goes out to all those seeking positions in the club. After training, these persons should have an opportunity to apply for available positions. The persons seeking employment at food and drug stores require training in issues concerning health management. In conclusion, training in ethical issues is important for every employee in Walmart, therefore, there should be programs in place to cater to these needs.


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