United Way Of Cape Breton Website’s 7cs Evaluation

United Way of Cape Breton Website’s 7Cs Evaluation Essay (Article)

Internet site design is not static, but changes based on emerging technologies. However, Web designers have to understand the necessary requirements and technical aspects of layouts and designs. Some of these technical changes require designers to create Web sites with aesthetic appeals. However, desires to create such Web sites according to fads have resulted in poor qualities of some Web sites. There are two main reasons for such poor qualities of Wed designs. First, the designer is driving the client’s wishes or his own wishes. Second, many designers’ skills have deteriorated because of the advent of new design techniques. However, professional Internet site design must aim for the following aspects:

From the business perspective, pundits have identified the 7Cs of Internet site design for commercial purposes. This paper evaluates the web page of the United Way of Cape Breton from the 7Cs perspective.

Based on the 7Cs of a commercial Internet site evaluation, the United Way of Cape Breton has met most requirements. It is a well-rounded Internet site. The designer understood many of the technical and artistic requirements of a commercial site. Consequently, the web page is versatile, efficient, scalable, and search engine and user-friendly. The web page achieves the main philosophies of a Web site design like usability, aesthetics, and functionality.

The designer can introduce other elements of designs like sounds, music, videos, and components of Flash media on the primary site. In addition, they are able to also enable customization on the primary Site where visitors can choose different languages.

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