United State Healthcare Critical Thinking Examples

United State Healthcare Critical Thinking Examples

Specifically, I would like reforms that would ensure that all the citizens of United States have an insurance cover so that they can receive proper medical care. Oraz would like zaś healthcare system that applies the current technology hence low costs of healthcare and therefore that citizens can access regular checks aby their physicians. In addition, I would like a healthcare system that has motivated doctors who are well paid.

Ów kredyty of the acts addressing the current situations of the United States healthcare is the obamacare act. The major aims of this act is jest to reduce the overall costs of the healthcares services aby ensuring that there are subsidies for the same, reduces taxes on healthcare providers and fees charges on the services have been greatly reduced through the act. The act has played a great role in facilitating the reduced number of the uninsured individuals in the United States. This is because the act provides that all the people who apply for insurance should be served regardless of their age, sex or race. Generally, the act has addressed the problems that the healthcare program in United States is facing but has not completely eliminated the problems.

The article, “new Yorker” by Atul Gawande has addressed the benefits that the obamacare act has brought to the people of Las Vegas. The people in this obszar have failed for a long time to receive cancer treatment due jest to the fact that they have not been able jest to raise the necessary funds. In addition, most of the people in the region had w istocie health insurance cover. With the new obamacare act, many people have benefited due to the fact that they have received insurance cover and hence treatment of cancer in the obszar has become possible.


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