Union Street Business Association Real Estate Firm’s Plan Proposal

Union Street Business Association Real Estate Firm’s Plan Proposal


The business plans to hire an effective human resource team, it will hire its entire staff on a full-time basis. It will look at the requirements and availability of human resources.

Management Policy

Wu, N., Hoque, K., Bacon, N. and Bou Llusar, J. C. (2015) research reflects that extensive strategic HRM research over the past 20 years has suggested that the HRM practices a firm adopts play a critical role in determining its effectiveness. In the policy of USBA a strategic plan and coherent approach for its staff.


We will look for candidates for employment and stimulate them to apply for the job in the real estate firm. USBA plans to build a pool of candidates from which the organization will hire its staff.

Conducting Interviews

USBA plans to hire human resource firms to get the best candidates to fill the positions required to staff the organization. Suitable candidates will be selected for the various positions in the firm.


Training in USBA is assimilating the employees into work. Employees will get the information and skills needed for their duties. Individual differences in learning occur as people hone their skills at different levels. Fineman et al., (2010) pointed out that some people are referred to as “pragmatic learners” – they prefer to learn how to get things to work relying on a mixture of intuition, instruction and trial, and error. USBA needs to improve people’s performance to attain organizational goals.


Research by Kuhn (2014) illustrated that staffing decisions are typically conceptualized as motivated by the desire to select the best employees. Many managers and human resources practitioners may be more concerned with avoiding bad hires. USBA plans to man the particular organizational structure through proper and as well as effective selection along with appraisal and development of the personnel to fill the roles which have been assigned to the workforce.


Employees work for rewards and money is probably the most important. USBA will have a compensation administration concerned with adequate and equitable remuneration of employees for their contributions. Research by Leana & Meuris, J (2014) hold the view that income is a relatively stable aspect of a job (e.g. annual salary, non-incentive wages, or weekly or hourly pay) has received relatively little consideration in organization theorizing and research, despite its critical importance to workers, organizations, and society at large”. The real estate firm USBA aims to offer flexible working hours to its employees. It is true that for some contemporary American workers, exploitatively long work hours remain a key feature of employment (Charlotte & Lock, 2015).


USBA plans to keep its staff motivated to produce maximum output out of its human resource. To successfully engage and make employees productive, coaching, feedback, and an understanding of people’s style and motivation are necessary (Janson, 2015).

Staff Retention

The main objective of employee retention is to ensure employees are happy with their jobs, organization, and relationship with their colleagues. USBA plans to maintain its staff to perpetuate a willing and able workforce. Our strategy includes constant communication of the employees, good physical work conditions, health, and safety.

Managing Diversity

Diversity is key when people from varying ethnicities and backgrounds work together to share solid ideas. Research by Theodorakopulous & Budhwar (2015) points out six types of diversity that should be included in an organization: ethnicity and race diversity, cultural diversity, gender diversity, age diversity, disability diversity, and sexual orientation diversity. Tavakali (2015) argued that when engagement and inclusion are low, there is a disconnection in the organization indicated.

Performance Evaluation

Assessing performance and progress in determining the potential for future jobs for employees. It is a standardization measure for planning the firm’s career planning process for all its employees.

Organizational Chart Management

Organizational Chart Management

Chief Executive Officer

The directors will coordinate the overall operations of the real estate firm. The director will supervise the daily operations of the organization and make critical decisions concerning the organization.

Finance Officer

The finance officer will be expected to prepare financial statements, maintain cash flow, and implement financial procedures and policies of USBA.

Legal Officer

This position operates under the finance department. The role of the legal officer is to draft legal documents, develop policies and guidelines to make for USBA to operate within a legal framework.

IT Officer

Our plan includes hiring an IT officer who will monitor and maintain computer systems and networks. Maintain and improve our online platforms to stay competitive.

Sales And Marketing Officer

USBA needs an aggressive marketing officer to get market share. USBA plans to have increased sales to capture a sizeable market in Seattle’s real estate market to stay competitive.


The company plans on hiring two licensed brokers who will surge our sales by offering them competitive commissions on houses sold or rented.

Compensation Information

The figure below indicates the annual salary of Seattle, Washington occupations in different fields according to the US Department of labor (2014). This company plans to offer competitive salaries depending on the performance and general dynamics of the labor market.

CEO 221800


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