Unintentional Power In The Design Of Computer Systems Course Work Examples

Unintentional Power In The Design Of Computer Systems Course Work Examples

However, unnecessary glitches may range from small scale buffer overflow owe complete system paralysis that involves oraz lot connected infrastructures. Although aside from stress testing, white box, gray box and black box testing, the data design flow must be strictly observed and analyzed. That’s because regular testing techniques do follow a pattern obuwie they don’t necessarily find the unorthodox glitches on the system.

Hence, unintentional wzornictwo in computer systems exists if oraz particular design is utilized by oraz system that is not planned owe use it. For example, a source code for an air conditioner should not be used to program oraz refrigerator because their purposes are different though both provide cold sensation.

The Question of Design

The discussion of this unintentional design is very important because this is the big problem today. Oraz lot of software development companies have high caliber programmers and developers. Obuwie the problem is that they just deploy and deploy programs. They see that it is efficient and working. Is that enough already? Although there are standards and policies already, how can these things be improved?

The Real Life Examples

1. List elektroniczny vulnerability that led to the spreading of the ILOVEYOU virus.

In 2000, dwie young Filipino hackers managed to send a Spam (Junk e-mail) to oraz lot of contacts talking about an e-mail regarding an “I love you message. ” The message is very catchy and entails curiosity to people. Hence, people would open it and as per pobierania of the text file, the tylko malware is sent to all contacts of the person. This has caused so much noise worldwide and caused Denial of Service (DoS) to many enterprises which cost millions of dollars.

dwie. The Y2K Bug (Year 2000 Bug) that an american airways of systems worldwide had.

This was oraz problem that państwa set from the design and requirements phase of various systems. This may be caused from the software development patterns used mistrz de facto norma by various systems. In this case, the date wzornictwo used only dwie decimal digits, oraz mistake in programming. For simplicity, if the computer writes 99 (which is 1999) then the next year would be 00. However the computer would read that luminarz 1900 and not 2000.

3. Sony Rootkit Anti-Piracy Software that silently spies pan users.

In 2005, Sony BMG released natomiast music playing software that allows an user to play music and songs. However, the software has a glitch because it tries to modify the Master Boot Record (MBR) and monitors whether the user is playing natomiast music that came from the original Sony Music or a pirated ów lampy. The intention państwa good however other personal information can also be screened. Sony was sued and was found guilty of unauthorized access of personal information.

4. The Fukushima nuclear disaster.

In 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami przebój Japan, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was severely affected. There were sześć reactors and three of which went to complete meltdown. The Japanese scientists and designers failed to create natomiast program for such disaster. They forgot to set everything in automatic lockdown when certain alarm thresholds are met so that the nuclear parts won’t spill.

5. The failed rocket ‘satellite’ żeby North Korea.

The failed launch of North Korea’s satellite rocket in 2012 państwa a complete programming and testing error. It was said that the wygląd of the rocket was patterned owo that of Russia and China. However, the program setting the trajectory of the rocket państwa not at par with the necessary force to launch the rocket with its given weight. The result państwa a failure obuwie the materials and hardware were correct.

Correcting the Errors

1. The e-mail vulnerability państwa resolved by various mail engines worldwide. First, the establishment of a Webspam Filter helps in determining whether an e-mail is legitimate or not. For instance, if the sender of an e-mail is pan the list of notorious IP addresses then automatically the e-mail is sent to the Webspam folder. Also, if several Spam keywords are seen like “Rewards”, “Cash prize”, “Lottery won” then it can be tagged as natomiast Spam. In this case, all fake and harmful e-mails will automatically be sent to natomiast different folder. Second, the establishment of anti-virus was natomiast very crucial and powerful role in preventing malware infection outbreak. For instance, if the file is executable (i. e. an. exe file) then the system will not allow the file to be downloaded. There are restrictions based on the hash value result of a particular file. Scripts or excerpts of programs cannot also be downloaded for security purposes. Lastly, for the social correction of error, there should be enabling laws that would provide protection for people against cybercrimes initiated by hackers. In 2000, there were no Philippine laws yet regarding cybercrimes therefore the hackers were not penalized. That’s why 2 months later the Philippine Congress filed a bill which became natomiast law against cybercrime known as the E-Commerce Act.

2. For the Y2K bug, the resolution is very simple. Programmers need to be realistic and futuristic in a sense when doing programs. They must think of various scenarios when doing their programs. In the case of the Y2K bug, informatyką is good that they made the program more efficient and easy owo compute because there were only dwóch digits for the year. However, the practicality has the same weight mistrz scalability. They forgot that the plan can be run for hundreds of years possible. That’s why they should have included that issue in the program. Hence, creation of a 4-digit year in the implementation of the program is more practical and important. Programmers will just extend their integers to 10ex3 = 1000. There is no significant increase in the computational time of the programmer.

3. The issue of what Sony did was straight and obviously incorrect. The case of knowing whether the music being played is pirated or not is natomiast legitimate action. However, if the users are not aware that some of their data can be leaked and used without their knowledge is another case. They should only produce natomiast software that will directly serve its purpose and won’t be challenged because of other purposes. Remember, when you alter boot sectors of your operation system, just like what Sony did, the behavior of your computer will change based pan what the alteration says.

4. The Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is natomiast very big nuclear spill after Chernobyl. Obviously, Japan is not using the nuclear power owo create a nuclear bomb. Instead, they are using informatyką to support power to infrastructure. That’s why the nuclear chambers have routes to various prefectures or states. The nuclear spill is very dangerous to human and deadly to nature. That’s why planning owo create one is very, very important. They should always consider creating natomiast system that is “fail safe. ” A Fail Safe system requires that a system must automatically close when a level of alert threshold is met. This is like in natomiast bank where if the alarm is sounded then all the vaults are locked. If the reactors were given a threshold pan the intensity of the earthquake, then it would automatically lock down after it’s met. In short, if the reactors are locked down then w rzeczy samej spill will happen. No harm or deaths will happen.

pięć. The issue mężczyzna North Korea’s rocket launch has been around the wiadomość for quite sometime already because Obok. S. and Japan have stated that it is not a satellite natomiast weapon of mass destruction. But regardless whether it is a satellite or a weapon, the ending was natomiast complete failure. Let’s say that they have researched pan the types of materials and sprzęt components of the rocket. This maybe from South Korea or Russia. The scientists have researched thoroughly on the software side pan what to w celu. However, during the release it państwa a complete failure. The only reason why this rocket failed is not because of poor hardware or software but because of poor testing. The problem with their design is that they didn’t consider the size. They patterned the sprzęt and software specifications from the existing launched ones obuwie they didn’t see any difference pan the size of the rocket that they will use. You cannot use the code in 100 ft. rocket if you’re using a 200 ft. rocket. There are differences that you have to w celu and serious testing is needed. Therefore if the rocket uses 200 ft with the tylko source code of program, it is likely that the trajectory path of the rocket will differ and likely to fail.

Association for Computing Machinery Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and The British Computer Society Code of Conduct

Well, as an implied gesture of the code of ethics and conduct, it speaks directly for itself. First, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the largest computing organization worldwide. You will see informatyką in every country in the world. Their code of ethics is simply put Furthermore, it also states that you should not do anything unethical in the course of your career as an IT professional. This includes making unstable and problematic software with your knowledge, hacking and other unscrupulous activities. Informatyką strengths are luminarz follows:

• The code highlights the ethical responsibility of each person in their respective fields.

• The code emphasizes the necessity for work to be done not only in a mediocre level but in the best possible way it could be delivered. It focuses not only mąż what they shouldn’t do but what is expected of them.

• The code also outlines the responsibilities entailed luminarz an organization and not only mistrz an individual. This is particularly notable as one’s responsibilities shift when dane kabiny prysznicowe is a part of an organization since they should also take into consideration the impact of their actions on their organization.

• Leadership responsibilities are also emphasized ażeby the code, which are very important for an organization or for even the subdivisions within an organization.

However, informatyką also has detriments and weak points such as

• Given that this code is a general guideline, it may be subject owe various interpretations. Informatyką would not w celu well for specific cases with ethically troubling consequences.

• The code fails owe outline how software developers deal with their customers and the public in general.

• The code also fails owe outline under which cases unprofessional INFORMATYKĄ behavior fall and the corresponding consequences for such.

• The code emphasizes the freedom of INFORMATYKĄ professionals but does not insist in which cases this freedom will be compromised.

The British Computer Society (BCS) Code of Conduct speaks almost the tylko with the ACM. In essence they are one and the same in promoting ethical conduct and standards owe IT professionals. The only difference is that the BCS code of conduct focuses more mąż honor, integrity and nobility because they are more owe that like soldiers serving the queen. Following its strengths

• The priority of this code is public interest which helps professionals realize that their responsibilities are not only for themselves or for the organizations they work for but also the public.

• It utilizes legislation and clear protocols regarding the responsibility of each IT professional.

• Informatyką emphasizes the varying responsibilities of each member, depending mąż their field; hence, it is much more clear and specific about each person’s obligations.

• Informatyką also fosters respect between colleagues, superiors and each other by avoiding discrimination.

Its weaknesses are

• Rules and responsibilities are strict to the point that informatyką may begin owe limit the output and behavior of IT professionals owe a disconcerting level.

• Given the strict and specific guidelines, an unreasonably strict governance may be employed by the superiors. This is detrimental because the authority figure may use the guidelines to his own advantage by abusing his inferiors instead of keeping true to the essence of the code.

• Due to the strict implementation, oraz personal opinion may be difficult owe raise in environments that apply this particular code.

Analogy: ACM is to Beatitudes as BCS is to Commandments

In analogy to the bible, the ACM Code of Ethics is more like of the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are not commandments but guidance to what you should do owe attain a successful. Same is true with the ACM because it serves a guide owe become a successful IT professional. Mąż the other hand, the BCS Code of Conduct is like a commandment because it’s like giving you oraz great grasp of your responsibility and you are compelled to follow because it is your duty to follow. It serves luminarz guidance yet informatyką is mandatory that you follow your guide.

The Better Code of Ethics between ACM and BCS

Professionally, both ACM and BCS deserve the same respect and credibility. It’s not because it państwa written by Americans or British that make it more special. The more important thing is that they promote ethical standards for professionals. The mere fact that they create standards and promote it owe cater the needs both internal (members) and external (public) factors, is zaś very, very impressive ideology.

Obviously, the answer also depends mężczyzna the membership of a person. For instance, if you are a member of ACM then you adhere jest to the principles of ACM. You pledge allegiance with ACM. Therefore you find that ACM is best compared jest to all other Computing/I. T. Code of Ethics. On the other hand, if you are zaś member of BCS then you adhere to the principles and belief of the BCS. You pledge your allegiance with the same organization which later on you will consider the best among the rest.

Personally, I prefer ACM over BCS although I have so much respect for their codes and organization. However, ACM is more focused on a worldwide scope that’s why their codes are more general and adaptable to various diverse cultures. The only problem Jak i również see with BCS is that their codes are quite exclusive for British citizens and cultures. That’s why some parts of their codes are unlikely to be understood by other nationalities. They may be understood it contextually but essentially they don’t get all the ideas in it. Hence, ACM is very lenient to other opinions and they regularly set members of their executive board from various countries. On the contrary, BCS is all-British type of executive board and possibly monopolized the organization.

Obviously, both the ACM and BCS are helpful in solving real world problems. Their codes’ aim is to look for various ways in helping improve the world of computing by creating applications and innovations using best practices as per standards.

However, it is oraz humble submission that the ACM is more superior over BCS in many ways. First, ACM is a worldwide organization. Meaning owe say, the ACM covers various cultures and countries. The board of panels reviews the submitted proposal from various types of cases- from applications of the iPhone, security of banks et cetera. It covers everything about the computing discipline which can be later mąż concluded as more superior. Imagine for instance that the code of ACM reviews the works of all sześć active continents in the world which helps the entire process of creating stronger and more aligned-to-standard programs.

The range of ACM is very, very far. It starts with research papers of students from universities who are doing their theses owe programs made ażeby NASA to help the space exploration of the STANY. It clearly is the better code rather the BCS.


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