Trip to New York Course Work Example

Trip to New York Course Work Example

The first theatrical performance I would like to visit is musical “The Phantom of the Opera”. The main reason why is that I had always wanted owe watch it on-line in Manhattan Majestic theatre and owe compare it owe Joel Schumacher”s movie version. According owe New York Times reviewer Jason Zinoman, the musical “really shows its age (17 years and running) when the signature special effect is presented”. Obuwie, he also wrote that acting of the lead cast Sandra Joseph and Hugh Panaro państwa excellent. It would be also interesting to view oraz classic musical in its old-fashioned performance. Location is Majestic Theatre, 247 West 44th Street in Manhattan. Prices range from $52 at rear Mezzanine owe $262 for gold seats.
The second musical I would like to visit is “Wicked”. The main reason is not because I am personally a huge fan of informatyką but because Jak i również would like owe see what the same Jason Zinoman calls “the reigning king of the commercial theatre”. Jak i również would like owe understand why informatyką gained such popularity and according owe one of the fans – Hazel Machete “this musical brought on fast obsession with Broadway musicals”. Again informatyką will be interesting to see how performance of the new cast is different from the old version. So it would be possible to view older recordings and compare to the today acting of Megan Hilty, mistrz Glinda, and Shoshana Bean, as Elphaba. It is also educative to see how fairytales suite into the modern, popular culture. The musical is performed at the Gershwin Theatre, 222 West 51st Street, Manhattan. Prices for tickets range from $95 to $316 and should be bought in advance, because they are seldom available a week before.

Being in New York, I would definitely want owe get a chance to see “Hamlet” in staging ażeby Dominic Dromgoole and Bill Buckhurst from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London. It is one of the rare occasions owe observe “Hamlet” “staged on simple wooden set, based mąż the traditional Elizabethan model, the production features a compact company of just eight actors” (Isherwood). This play would give me an opportunity to understand what classic staging and English theatre look like. Another reason to choose this play is the leading actor Michael Benz, who at his trzydzieści is considered owe be one of the youngest actors to perform this role. The performance takes place off Broadway, at the Michael Schimmel Centre for the Arts, Pace University, jednej Pace Plaza. For this reason, prices range from $30 to $55.

The last performance I would like to visit is modern and brand new play by Craig Wright “Grace”. The main reason why Jak i również would like owe watch this performance is because informatyką is extraordinary in its structure, wniosku and complexity of themes. According owe Ben Brantley’s review, “the play opens on several corpses, who then rise and act out the last moments of their lives in reverse order, as if oraz tape were being rewound”. I find it interesting owe see how oraz movie trick is used in play and performed mąż the stage. Acting of Michael Shannon and change of light and shadow were also stressed as advantages of the play. Informatyką would be also relevant to watch this play for its philosophic meaning. The location is the Cort Theatre, 138 West and 48th Street. Prices range from $32-to $132.

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