Training Presentation Methods Lecture Vs Powerpoint

Training Presentation Methods: Lecture vs. PowerPoint

  • Introduction

    There is no shortage of debate on which training presentation method is the most effective. In my opinion, the majority of them can be successfully delivered if thoughtfully used and planned ahead. Thus, the method of training I chose is a lecture with a PowerPoint. This essay aims to describe how I am going to deliver the training and what factors I considered when chose such a technique.

    Lecture and PowerPoint Method: Benefits and Disadvantages

    First and foremost, I chose lecture and PowerPoint delivery, because it is simple and convenient to use. As stated by Noe (2017), “A lecture is among the least expensive, least time-consuming ways to present a large amount of information efficiently in an organized manner” (p. 233). In addition, PowerPoint is generally considered to be a flexible and popular tool among lectures around the world. Remarkably, PowerPoint slides are capable of providing trainees a framework to follow and aid them with comprehension by a lecturer’s elaboration. According to Burley (2017), in such an approach “Materials are provided for reference, and students often learn in traditional classroom settings. ” Therefore, the approach I have chosen is one of the most common training methods.

    Secondly, I considered numerous advantages of lecture and PowerPoint delivery. In slides, trainees are able to use hyperlinks, which direct them to web pages so that they might learn more about a specific topic. Furthermore, PowerPoint presentation might contain graphics, charts, videos, and pictures; the visualization with a thoughtful explanation provided by a lecturer will assist trainees in remembering the information more effectively. Notably, visual effects enhance curiosity to a particular concept (Noe, 2017). Nevertheless, in the chosen training approach, there are several downsides. Trainees might be passive and do not pay attention during the lecture. Moreover, graphs could distract students from more relevant content. However , I am willing to remove these disadvantages.


    I am going to be cautious to over-design, and include only highly relevant visuals to my slides. In the case of charts, I will make sure the trainees understand them by intentionally elaborating on like visual elements. Furthermore, as far because I am worried, it is very important minimize the particular usage of red-colored and green, given that color-blind students may not be able to identify them. Furthermore, this may be useful to use different web site, but it might also be challenging for some college students, when it will be not needed, making use of Arial or typeface without a serif pays. In purchase to make certain all of the links are usually available, I will examine them ahead.

    Regarding the spiel itself, I will create trainees more involved in it simply by limiting the primary points and offering the outline for the lecture. Additionally, I will emphasize the particular most critical info in the starting, as well because at the finish associated with the lecture. Aside from using compelling pictures, I will attempt to make the audience focused simply by using quotes associated with famous people, stories, or other fascinating information, relevant in order to the topic. For me, it will furthermore be helpful in order to link the trainees’ knowledge from the particular previous session in order to the current 1 by assigning quizzes or playing online games, relevant in order to topics discussed.


    All within all, this article summed in the primary reasons why I selected this specific type of training. Based to the aforementioned information, lecture along with PowerPoint presentation will be found to become a highly effective tool with regard to learning and studying the previously recognized information. Furthermore, like a technique is incredibly approachable and straightforward to make use of. In spite associated with several disadvantages associated with the chosen strategy, it is feasible to minimize the particular downsides by cautiously preparing for classes ahead.


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