The Practice of Saving Money Essay

The Practice of Saving Money Essay

Difference between EAP and General English

English for academic purposes focuses on high standards of English for higher learning and studies in general. It provides only what the students need. Therefore, it is goal-oriented as opposed to general English, where students are taught everything necessary to be learned and known in English (Smith 2015). EAP’s major task is learning how to plot theses and dissertations. Hence, there is a need for proper planning, writing, organization, and even proof-reading written works to ensure adherence to the rules of EAP.

Various factors such as the objectives, levels of the students, their goals, and even culture are challenges that make it impossible for EAP to be provided equally. Consequently, such factors must be put into consideration when establishing effective methods of learning EAP. On the contrary, general English only aims at basically teaching students how to listen, speak, read and write English in their day to day communications (Smith 2015).

EAP has numerous features. These features include genres, signposting, and even the use of linking words. Knowledge of the language is also a very crucial component of EAP as it aids the learner in understanding questions and responding to them in their examinations.another differentiating factor between the two varieties of English is that EAP learners are generally adults while General English learners include both children and adults.

Skills I have improved and the Methods I used

Reading and writing are among the main skills I have enhanced. The process of achieving their enhancement was possible through the formation of groups. Particularly, we always hold discussions for purposes of demonstrating how to pronounce and write English words. Group discussions have also helped improve speaking and listening skills. Through them, we are always able to discuss every challenging thing we came across. Eventually, every learner is corrected through consensus and lessons end with all problems settled.

EAP Areas to be worked on and the Methods to Use

Learners’ expectations should always be addressed in good time (Smith 2015). In this process, appropriate materials must be used in proper ways. This situation can be achieved by setting goals on how to meet learners’ expectations and using certified and approved materials. At the same time, individuals training as teachers of both EAP and general English should be well trained to handle their students without difficulties.

Saving Money and Carefully Planning for the Future

Saving money and striving to make one’s future bright is vital. People should invest every small amount of money they get in businesses for the sake of securing the future. Investing in businesses helps reduce a lot of expense and increase earnings (Spreading your wings 2015). Savings also prevent people from becoming bankrupt for the money is not all spent. Some reasonable amounts of money are left for use later in life. Saving also enables one to get ready for responsibilities that come with getting children. Specifically, one will be able to cater to needs such as good clothing, food, and even quality education.

Apart from taking care of future needs, saving money is ideal because individuals that save money are able of coping with emergencies that may leave someone helpless if he or she did not save (Kobliner 2010). Hence, it is important to save in order to better the future and make life more comfortable. In addition, people must also save with the view of avoiding debts that come when one lacks money. Saving ensures that they comfortably and conveniently cope with situations as they arise without requesting loans and grants, which might later burden them.

However, saving can be very challenging considering the small amounts of money earned by some groups of people and many unending needs that people must satisfy (Eyden 2012). Nonetheless, such situations can be solved and made easier by opening bank accounts for safekeeping. In the same vein, the situation can be salvaged through engaging in leisure activities that do not require money or those that need less money (Eyden 2012).

Examples of such activities are mostly sporting activities that keep one occupied with the view of reducing his or her expenditure. Selling items you no longer need can also earn extra money for saving. Similarly, the keeping of receipts and analyzing them as you check on what you should not buy again or what you will reduce spending on can significantly reduce the amount you spend.

Contrasting Views on the Topic

Some people may argue that the death of someone cannot be predicted. Therefore, there is no reason for saving money for the future (Kobliner 2010). They may also argue that saving makes someone lag behind in terms of modern trends and fashions as one is forced to forego secondary needs and only focus on necessary items. Worse still, balancing between one’s spending habits and saving is also a difficult task. Proponents of this standpoint insist that people deny themselves very many things when they decide to save. Hence, such people’s lives do not run the way they should.

Examples of Contrasting Views on the Topic

An individual who opens a fixed account to save money for five years then dies in the third year of saving having foregone very many things is a good example of a counterargument to the topic. Such a person does not enjoy the benefits of saving. Another good example is that of an individual who avoids keeping up with trendy things and fashion and being classy just to save money for the future (Eyden 2012). Such an individual lives differently from his or her friends. The third example of contrasting views is that of one having problems with balancing between saving and spending. Precisely, she or he saves enough money, but when an emergency arises or when an urge to acquire something or use the money in another way comes up, one quickly opts to use the money saved. This brings about the challenge of balancing.

Personal View on the Topic

I believe that both saving and spending are necessary. The best thing to do is to be conscious of both. Do not deny yourself so much in the name of saving and do not also spend everything without thinking of what tomorrow will be. It is good to budget for everything that requires your money and balances the budget well as this prevents overstraining in other areas. Budgeting helps people avoid debts as the money one has is planned for in a way that ensures that all things are catered for, including savings and other amounts meant for future use and emergencies. For easier saving of money, one should avoid impulse buying as it leads to having unnecessary items and spending money in an unplanned way. Hence, it is important to create a budget for yourself.


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