Technical Requirements for Director Computer Work Case Study

Technical Requirements for Director Computer Work Case Study

After a thorough examination of the director’s requirements, a list of recommended articles has been prepared. I suggest a laptop that is already equipped with a large memory card and a camera so that there will be no need for extra expenses. The laptop has Windows 10 office that fits most of the requirements connected with documents’ converting and operating. It is, nevertheless, recommended to install several programs, such as McAfee, Foxit Phantom PDF, and a video editor to meet the requirements of security, files converting and video editing respectively. It is advised to purchase several hardware items, such as a printer and a Bluetooth mouse to enable one to scan, transfer and print documents.

The extra security matter is suggested to be solved with the help of a surge suppressor that will prevent the system from unwanted breakdowns. GTT as a broadcast provider has been selected on the basis of the price and quality reviews’ monitoring. The articles proposed are represented in the tables below.

Recommended Computer

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 laptop Latitude 14 5000 Series (E5450)
operating System: Windows 10 Pro (it includes Word Outlook that is particularly efficient for schedule handling)
memory: 4GB
hard drive: 500GB
display:14.0” HD (1366×768)
battery life: up to 14.5 hours
extra: the laptop has a webcam; it is said to be worked out particularly for business managing and designed to fit all the professional needs (Smart. Sleek. Secure, 2015)
create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and send and receive email; take high-quality digital photos and video;
participate in online video conferences, web courses, and forums; manage the Director’s schedule by using an online calendar and day planner

Hardware Devices

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 output 8 GB USB create small databases to manage all audio, video, and photo data
2 output Bluetooth Mouse-WM615
extra: both facilitates the work of those who prefers a mouse to a touchpad and provides an easy access to the Bluetooth option
transfer information (audio, video, and photos) between PC machines
3 output Colour Laser Printer (Dell)
function type: fax, scan and copy
extra: Wi-fi, mobile print, connectivity for USB
print documents to include photo quality color printing
4 output surge suppressor protect the PC and all components from dirty electrical power including under voltage (brownout or blackout) and over voltage (power surge or spike)

System Unit Components

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 input adapter card (modem) connect all required peripheral devices you deem necessary to the system unit

Productivity Software

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 integral OneTeam messaging client instant messaging, and in chat rooms via mobile devices

System Software

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 integral McAfee (McAfee Live Safe and McAfee Security Scan) manage and protect the system, data, and information while working on the Internet including scanning all incoming emails, email attachments, and files downloaded from Web-based sources; firewall, virus and spyware protection; and checking websites for phishing and fraudulent activities
2 integral Foxit Phantom PDF manipulate pdf files, including editing pdfs, conversion from pdf to Word and vice versa;
3 integral VSDC video editor (also applicable for audio files) create and edit audio and video files and share video and audio files via emails

Internet Connectivity & Web Services

Item # Group Device Requirement
1 integral Broadband Remote Access Server (GTT provider) – its installation and employment imply simple handling so that no external support is required (iFast, 2015) utilize the internet to make online purchases, conduct banking services, and research new audio, video and photo editing methods using a broadband service

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