Team Empowerment A Simple and Easy Solution Essay

Team Empowerment: A Simple and Easy Solution Essay

Article Summary

The selected article indicates that all teams are unique in educational, technical, physical, and training make up. This difference explains why each group requires its unique formula to emerge successfully. All teams require constant innovation and improvement to achieve their goals. The Quality Empowerment Survey for Teams (QUEST) is an appropriate tool that groups can utilize to identify challenges and capitalize on individual and team strengths. The critical strengths to consider include recognition, goal clarity, trust, creativity, and decision-making. Supportive leaders will provide interpersonal training to deliver positive results. Corrective actions are also essential to guide every team.

Lessons Learned

The author of the studied article offers numerous ideas that team leaders should take seriously. The first lesson is that all teams are different and have diverse challenges and opportunities. Managers should consider such aspects and formulate the best models to make their groups successful. The second one is that leaders can apply the QUEST framework to locate potential challenges and strengths. Such insights will guide the entire improvement strategy. The third lesson is that there are specific elements that every group possesses. Leaders should, therefore, be aware of such aspects, acquire adequate resources, and develop desirable competencies to reach higher productivity levels.

Finally, team managers can utilize questionnaires and interviews to locate opportunities and strengths and identify areas for improvement. Issues such as collaboration, recognition, respect, problem-solving, creativity, and decision-making will support the effectiveness of every team. These aspects will guide many groups to achieve their objectives.

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