Syrian Refugees in the United States Essay

Syrian Refugees in the United States Essay

In their article, Gordon et al. speak about the US intention to accept more refugees. According to them, such a step should be made because America is a country that gives people second chances and hope. Zakaria supports this idea and mentions that foreigners search for a better life in the US because they follow the image of the American Dream that was created in the past and still attracts different populations. Many of those who believed that this country could give them a new better life received it, which strengthened such a vision. Syrians, just like other people, should have an opportunity to get at least a part of this dream. However, lots of Americans underline that foreigners developed the wrong perception of their country. A dream is not a reality. Just like others, they are ready to provide some assistance but cannot give the whole world’s population a possibility to improve their condition.

Gordon et al. state that the US assists many different nationalities but Syrians receive the least even though their problems are not less serious than those other countries have. McCarthy supports this claim with the data that shows the US foreign aid by country. According to the budget request, Americans will spend billions of dollars to help others, especially Israel, but Syria is not on this list at all. Thus, if the US is not going to support the country, it should assist its refugees at least. However, it cannot be denied that America has already been spending lots of money in the framework of foreign aid. Even though Syria is not among the top ten countries, it still receives some funds, which the government believes to be enough for it to improve its condition without any changes in the number of refugees.

Still, the American government should accept Syrian refugees regardless of all counterpoints. For a long time already it helps other countries and their populations to cope with difficulties. Those who have already benefited from such aid are improving and do not require such instanced assistance. In this way, the efforts can be targeted at Syria. The US government should be objective and ensure that those who are in need are treated equally for them to preserve their hope for a better future.

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