Success in the ENG101 Course Essay

Success in the ENG101 Course Essay


All students share the common goal of wanting to succeed in the courses they undertake. ENG101 is one of these courses where success is highly desirable. However, excelling in this course does not come naturally, and one has to work so as to realize success. There are many ways in which a student can become successful in the ENG101 course. The success process most likely involves the following easily pursued steps. To begin with, a student should attend all the ENG101 classes. In addition to this, the student should be an active listener to the teacher in class. Finally, a student should ensure that they diligently complete all the homework given. By following these steps, there is a high likelihood of the student succeeding in the course.

Steps to Success

The first step to success is attending all ENG101 classes. Regular class attendance is the only means through which the student can get first-hand information from the teacher. Attending classes is seen as a major contributor to student success, and students cannot learn if they do not attend school. Only by showing up for classes can the students know of the standards they are required to meet so as to succeed in the course.

Some students are content to avoid classes and instead rely on notes taken by their friends or available in study books. These means cannot be a replacement for attending class since the notes often lack useful tips or examples given by the teacher. In addition to this, the student has no way of seeking clarity with the tutor on ambiguous issues without attending class.

The second step is the development of good listening habits. While listening is a very vital component in communication, most people do not recognize its importance. Listening is different from hearing, which is a natural ability that most human beings are born with. Listening is a complex process that involves hearing and making sense of what is being said by the other party. From this, an understanding of what is communicated can be developed. Many students demonstrate poor listening habits, such as not paying attention and being distracted while in class. This results in the student not getting the point being made by the teacher. Removing distractions will make the student a better listener and help in achieving success in the course.

The final process in attaining success is doing the out of class assignments that the teacher might issue. This step is particularly important since, as the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect.” By doing the homework that the teacher has given, a student is able to apply the information learned in class. The successful student does his/her homework since he/she knows that it is an essential part of the learning process. In addition to this, homework enables the student to notice areas of weakness and therefore work on them. Failing to do homework may result in a student falling behind or even getting lost in classwork.


This paper set out to describe a process that, if pursued by a student, can lead to success in ENG101. This process includes three major steps, which are; attending classes, developing good listening skills, and doing homework. By following these steps, a student will be able to acquire and retain the knowledge from the teacher and hence increase the likelihood of succeeding in ENG101.

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