Studying Abroad in China Reasons and Goals Essay

Studying Abroad in China: Reasons and Goals Essay


Immersion in the culture of the East is a dream of many American students, and I hope that I will have this opportunity. It means a lot to me to become a participant in a two-week tour to China, and it is connected not only with my interest in studying the peculiarities of this country’s organization of sport. Chinese athletes and physical therapists are known in the whole world for their unique preparation. The cultural heritage of this country is so rich that various techniques and methods of teaching have been passed on from generation to generation for many centuries. For me as a college senior majoring in exercise science, it is especially interesting to study the approach of this nation to training and educating athletes, and also to communicate with local people personally.

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As it is known, sport is one of the spheres of many countries’ cooperation, and the US and China are not an exception. Perhaps, it will be interesting for eastern masters to learn about a western approach to the training and education of strength of mind and body. Despite the fact that this program is academic and provides an exchange of experience, Chinese specialists can certainly show us more than we can. Cultural trips to the most outstanding places in China will be an excellent source of new knowledge about the history of this country. Practicing Taichi classes and traditional Chinese medicine, it is possible to understand the art of training athletes better and learn a lot about the specifics of work in the field of sports.

Beijing Sports University, which is rightfully considered the best educational institution of its type in China, is the host and provides a rather intensive program. Certainly, two weeks is a short time to study all the features of the sports training of this country. Nevertheless, I would be happy to participate in this trip as I am planning to work as a licensed physical therapist in the future, and the gained experience could help me in becoming a professional. Moreover, I have a passion for traveling, and such a journey to another part of the world will be for me not only a good educational base but also a real adventure.


What particularly attracts me in this trip apart from the overview of China’s sights and unusual places is the opportunity to study the influence of the Olympic Games in Beijing on the development of sport in the country. It is known that Chinese athletes won many medals during those competitions. A unique approach to training and preparation is an integral component of the work of any sports school or club. When it comes to teaching at an eastern university, this process is certainly going on at the highest level.

The Chinese are distinguished by perseverance and willpower; therefore, for me as a person from another country, it would be interesting to see how they train their skills. I will probably be able to borrow something for myself from them. If I successfully graduate from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree, I will have the opportunity to become a member of a physical therapy school. Accordingly, the knowledge obtained in China could be an invaluable contribution to my development as a specialist and help me throughout my work activity.

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