Scribd Website Evaluation By Kathy Schrock’s Tool

Scribd Website Assessment by Kathy Schrock’s Device Report

Website Assessment

First Impact Notes

“Scribd” website is really a student-friendly web site, in the feeling that it stores millions of documents that can be used by students in their research works. The website aims to liberate the written term, and in this regard, it has been able to avail thousands of documents (in the written word) to become shared by millions of readers worldwide (Scribd Inc, 2011, p. 1). Furthermore, the paperwork available on the website are comprehensive in nature.

Therefore, students can easily research the details of their chosen study topic (Scribd Inc, 2011, p. 1). In this respect, I find the website very interesting because besides having a lot of information regarding different subject areas; it also possesses information in several formats, including books (non-fiction and fiction), presentations, guide manuals, school works, magazines, newspapers, brochures and similar documents (Scribd Inc, 2011, p. 1).

The website relates to my unit of research. It really is equally important to your body of information I research because it contains thousands of documents from my field of study (pedagogy). However, accessing this document sometimes takes longer than usual because the paperwork to be opened are large documents. Moreover, the numerous adverts that pop up during browsing hinder the achievement of the ultimate browsing speed. However, the website’s links work perfectly, and in this regard, they redirect the user to the intended target location at a good speed. In this respect, I feel comfortable navigating through the site, and in the same regard, my confidence in the website is equally high.

Web Assessment

The usefulness of the site

Scribd is a very useful website because it allows for the free exchange of information among different users. I find the website very interesting and useful because I can get a variety of information from the website, including entertainment, educational information, and authentic documents. The website is also useful to me because mobile content can also be shared in the same manner as other digital content material.

Moreover, users usually do not encounter authorization barriers before reading through the papers since several individuals worldwide can easily utilize the website’s contents. Which means that the website acts being an online library, in line with the fact that it totally revolutionizes publishing by rendering it democratic (Scribd Inc, 2011, p. 1). Moreover, record formats such as for example pdf, PowerPoint presentations, term documents, and the loves are available. This means that I could get info in whatever file format I please, and similarly, I could share useful information regarding my research results with my peers or co-workers.

Curriculum Specifications/ Objectives

How long did it take to introduce the website: normally it takes me 15 minutes to introduce it.

How will students work: Students will work in small groups

How many sessions or visits to the site do you anticipate scheduling: I anticipate making five visits to the site in every class discussion or research topic that has to be studied.

Will you need the lab, or can the session be performed in the classroom: I want the lab to handle the analysis sessions because I’ll need the internet to gain access to the web site content.

What’s the backup strategy if the web connection fails: If the web connection fails, I intend to work with a portable internet modem to remain connected to the web.

What’s the extension exercise for advanced college students: The extension exercise for advanced students will undoubtedly be undertaking physical library study to see the credibility of info obtained through the web site. Students will also be required to undertake group discussions to further complement the understanding of the skills studied in class.

Assessment: With regards to the lesson outcome, positive outcomes were registered, in a sense that; students understood what was taught, and in equal measure, they were able to apply what was taught. Moreover, the students understood the subjects taught, and to this extent, the learning objectives were easily attained.

However, there were instances where I had a rough idea of the learning outcomes I expected to achieve and the teaching methodologies that were going to be applied to realize the same outcomes; but, in such instances, I was faced with the dilemma of clearly defining the learning objective often. However, I established that questioning the training outcome was an enriching process, specifically in establishing why the training students had to understand what was taught. In this regard, I established that the procedure was enriching for the training students and the instructor, in exactly the same measure.

Information to yourself: It is usually important to test the aim of undertaking a teaching exercise because it can easily uncover a bigger idea, which will enable students to find the learning experience more enriching and worthwhile. No guarantee evaluating one’s objective of doing something will make it more interesting, but it easily provides an appropriate guideline or rationale for undertaking the teaching process.

Importance of Website Evaluation in Use of Technology for Independent Study

A website’s usability greatly depends on its ease in navigation and its general functionality to provide its users with a rich learning experience (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005, p. 7). For this reason, Scribd is cited in this study as an appropriate website for student learning because it has an efficient site structure and lacks navigational blocks to enable students to easily carry out independent studies with the guarantee of attaining the right results.

It is also for this reason that many internet users (about 83%) are known to leave a website because it is difficult to get the required information; or similarly, they are subjected to too many clicks before they get the right information (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005, p. 7).

The use of technology in learning is therefore greatly boosted by appropriate websites of study such as Scribd because they are designed to suit the end user’s need – which is at the core of the use of technology in learning. For students to develop a high order skill in thinking and creativity, they ought to be exposed to numerous literature volumes that challenge their minds and expose them to numerous volumes of research material that expound on their thinking (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005, p. 7).

It is for this reason that technology plays a crucial role in the learning process, and it is also from the same rationale that a good website plays a critical role in the student learning process. From this understanding, websites that contain numerous volumes of information are the best for carrying out independent studies. Scribd stands at the center of this objective because it is equipped with numerous pieces of information that can effectively provide dynamic perspectives of teaching and learning to students to enrich their learning experience (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005, p. 7).

Technology has also been known to complement the teacher’s efforts in learning because students can easily undertake their independent learning objectives. From the virtual learning environment, students are exposed through websites and other technological means, and in the same measure, students can complement what they have learned in the natural learning environment. In this regard, good websites broaden the students’ learning experience beyond the classroom context.

From this understanding, Scribd stands as a good learning tool for students to carry out their own independent research studies (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005, p. 7). The website can sufficiently enable students to effectively attain their learning objectives because it contains complementary information regarding various learning topics that are not covered by the instructor, or in some cases, the instructor abstractly covers them. In this regard, students can easily use technology to complement their learning activities.


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