Salesperson’s Performance Evaluation and Improvement Report

Salesperson’s Performance Evaluation and Improvement Report

The evaluation report.
Figure 1. The evaluation report.

According to the evaluation report, Sally has a good grip on how to behave in front of a customer. She is confident, always smiling, tries to present her company in a favorable light, and is not afraid to admit a mistake or her lack of knowledge. These are very good qualities in a salesperson. However, her flaws are many. Her personality flaws include a lack of creative thinking, which is shown by her inability to generate new ways of tackling problems, and general lack of punctuality, which is shown by her low scores in returning calls and submitting reports on time.

While punctuality and forgetfulness could be remedied through organizers and notes, a lack of creative thinking is much harder to make up for. Lastly, she should learn the applications and functions of all company products, which is an easy task. This survey shows that the company lacks an adequate training program for its salespersons. Functions and applications of company products should be explained to salespersons in detail if the company wishes them to be successful.

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