Role of Haraam Case Study Sample


The article “Role of ‘‘haraam’’ practices on behavior and performance of employees: a case study of business organization” reveals the story of Maryam who was employed as a customer support specialist at People’s Services Inc. The female employee was suspected for using ‘haraam’ products such as drugs and alcohol, which are not allowed for Muslims who are followers of Islam. Resultantly, the researchers reveal that use of ‘haraam’ products affected Maryam’s personal life and job performance as it could attitudinal, behavioral, emotional and psychological changes. Although, it was unclear that Maryam had either become addicted to drugs and alcohol or become a chain drinker; however, the certain facts such as routine work disturbances, delays during lunch time, absenteeism and false explanations provide the evidence that Maryam was frequently engaged in “haraam” practices. The main argument of the article is use of unlawful products and practices among Muslim employees could negatively affect their personal life and work efficiency / performance, which can later prove destructive not only for employee’s personal well-being but also for one’s colleagues and business organization. Hence, the conclusion is that the HR personnel must strongly consider this religious dimension when hiring Muslim employees and appraising their performances. The consideration will help organizations in effectively hiring behaviorally, morally and emotionally stable Muslim employees who could justify their job roles and duties.

Answer 1

Yes, Haleema can terminate Maryam without running into legal problems because of the fact that she had already issues verbal and written warnings and performance appraisals to the customer support employee for her misconduct, irregularities, carelessness, absenteeism and incorrect explanations about her changing behaviors. Haleema could use Maryam’s declining evaluations and job performance records coupled with her prior warnings before court of law to avoid any legal repercussions regarding firing decision of Maryam who has certainly became an incompetent and troublesome employee.

Answer 2

Haleema has not acted sooner instead she closely evaluated Maryam’s job attitude, behavior, dedication, devotion and performance for almost six months so that she could justify any serious decision regarding Maryam’s job continuity or firing. Indeed, Haleema had provided sufficient opportunities to Maryam to improve her job morale, commitment and devotion; however, the employee failed to respond effectively. Haleema should definitely acted sooner i.e. by taking any grave action within four months on employee declining assessments and belligerent job behavior to maintain decorum at company premises and set an example for other employees that People’s Services Inc does not compromise on work commitment and poor employee performance. Haleema should have discovered the real problem behind Maryam’s deteriorated schedule and job dedication and thus could have referred her for any employee assistance program for her normalization.

Answer 3

First, the actual problem or reason behind Maryam’s changing habits and routine needs to be identified. No matter if it is any serious problem at home or her use of ‘haraam’ or unlawful practice such as drugs or alcohol, the employee must confess about the real cause of this abrupt change proving detrimental for her personal life and career. Unequivocally, the employee is involved in drinking or use of drugs at home and during office hours, which caused indolence and affected her positivity at work. Maryam needs extensive counseling to recall that she is a Muslim women and subject to religious constrictions about use of ‘haraam’ products; hence, she must avoid them to maintain her life discipline, work schedule and continuity. The mentoring could facilitate Maryam in defining do’s and don’ts at home and office, which in turn would assistance her in getting rid of unlawful practices and becoming motivated both at home and work.

Answer 4

Yes, Maryam’s behavior has adversely affected her colleagues because the customer support specialist was involved in distracting, yelling and fighting with co-workers instead of maintaining her amicable personality and harmonious attitude. The colleagues obviously dislike this belligerent behavior and misconduct coupled with work-related mistakes, carelessness and absences that further result in work overload. An aggressive and problematic employee certainly disrupts a peaceful working environment and shatters organizational culture of shared values, coordination and collaboration. Consequently, if any legitimate actions are not taken by concerned department personnel and senior management then the colleagues may become seriously dejected, which in turn cause reduction in their work performance.

Answer 5

Nikhat is aware of and concerned about Maryam’s situation as she constantly discussed the case with her manager Haleema. Nikhat should have dealt with this matter by meeting Maryam in person for a face-to-face discussion and comprehensive analysis of Maryam’s responses, reasons, explanations and justifications. Nikhat should have then advised her employee to receive medical and career counseling to avert any recently adopted bad habits for behavioral improvement. If this strategy and action had failed to generate any favorable results, it would have been justified for Nikhat to fire Maryam right away for greatest welfare of her colleagues and organization as a whole.

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