Project Management Course Goals and Ambitions Essay

Project Management Course: Goals and Ambitions Essay


Setting goals is an essential part of a learner’s journey. However, at some point, these goals must be altered. In a way, a change in goals can be viewed as a part and parcel of a continuous process of personal and professional evolution. After all, it is only possible to pursue a particular goal as long as it alters with every new achievement unlocked by a learner.

Despite the fact that my targets of becoming proficient in project management and developing the skills of a true leader remain in their paces, some of my goals have been shaped with regard to the educational progress that has been made; to be more particular, I pursue the goal of graduating from a project management course and getting a job that can be viewed as a decent start for my career in the United Kingdom as opposed to the previous goals of enrolling into the Project Management Course.

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The very first semester at the SNHU triggered a rapid change in the objectives, which I yet had to meet in order to reach my final goal. I must admit that the information retrieved from a range of sources, including the university lectures, the course materials, and the scholarly articles provided by the university library, has contributed to the process of learning and new skills acquisition to a considerable extent. Not only did I learn the basics of project management, but also discovered that to meet my goals, I will have to work on my personality and character traits.

To be more exact, the consistent learning process has allowed for making links between project management and the existing leadership styles as the key tools in managing business projects. The discovery of the variety of leadership styles available for managing projects, as well as the existing options in terms of conflict management, are among the most important pieces of information that I have acquired in the process of learning, along with the secrets of time management.

Consequently, my goals have been shifted from acquiring the knowledge necessary for becoming an expert in the specified domain towards trying the newly obtained information on a practical problem. In other words, I am striving to graduate successfully and retain the knowledge obtained, the skills acquired, and the enthusiasm that I was charged with from the very start of the course in order to make it on my own in the complex and challenging environment of the global economy and global competition.

Naturally, it would be wrong to claim that no major changes have occurred to my goals and aspirations. The process of identifying the exact outcomes that I considered desirable for my career was, indeed, rather painstaking and demanded a lot of time, focus, and learning. Nevertheless, a more accurate perspective of what my future as a project manager should be like cannot be considered a drastic alteration of the goals, which were set previously. Instead, I successfully updated my objectives with the help of the information acquired in the process of attending the course.


Although some of the objectives, which my efforts were targeted at, have shaped significantly since I took up the Project Management course, the basic aims, which were drawn before I enrolled in the course, are still the same. While these goals have taken a more detailed and clear shape, they still concern the same career goals and the idea of excelling in project management, as well as becoming a successful and confident leader.

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