Pandemics Prevention for Public Health in the US Essay

Pandemics Prevention for Public Health in the US Essay

Public well being is a severe problem that reflects the extent of social development in a selected group. Despite remarkable progress that has been made in current many years, there are still numerous threats fashioned by recognized or unknown viruses, malicious germs, and bacteria. While some of these are yet to be studied, others have already been examined. Thus, an antagonistic impact of the latter might be lowered significantly. For occasion, a wide-known influenza pandemic was answerable for 50-100 million deaths during 1918-1919 (Pavia, 2019). However, 100 years later, an final preventative approach is not discovered.

A large-scale project on pandemics prevention is presently being managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. It features a technique of both vaccination and knowledge policies which give a detailed guide on the best measures against the illness. According to Pavia, the examples include “school closure, limiting public gatherings and social distancing”. In a sense, the knowledge coverage may generally seem like a more important step, yet, its impact stays quite limited (Pavia, 2019). At the identical time, scientists work out extra efficient types of vaccines, reducing the influence and further spread of the illness. In this fashion, pharmaceutical intervention contributes extra to the prevention of pandemics, so it’s of utmost importance to use this methodology along with academic events.


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