Pandemic as an Unique Crisis Term Paper

Pandemic as an Unique Crisis Term Paper


Crisis Management which was restricted at the company stage has now been extended to the National and International stage, after the outburst of terrorist assaults within the US, UK, and India and in addition the unfold of chook flu and other related epidemics all through the world. The advancement in data know-how has introduced nations collectively and one nation alone can not handle these disasters independently. Management experts have drawn up completely different plans of crisis administration to meet this new environment. We will look at the final elements of conventional disaster administration and how Pandemic crisis administration is different from traditional disaster administration and likewise how each Pandemic is planned differently.

How does Crisis Management work in an organization?

Corporate degree disaster, Site related disaster, Product associated disaster, and People associated crisis are the chief areas of concern for the Top Management. Corporate stage crises include an assault on brand, attack on management, competitor allegation, and political interference. Site-related crisis consists of industrial accidents, manufacturing and distribution problems, labor disputes, and so forth. Product-related disaster failure of product high quality, accidental contamination. People associated disaster features a threat to an worker, accidents, corruption, and so on.

Safety of the employees and clear, fast communication are the guiding principles for any disaster management philosophy. There might be a disaster management staff in any group that can analyze the issue, choose a suitable Task Force, nominate a coordinator, induct experts and chart out an action plan which is reviewed on an hourly basis. Usually, the CMT screens the implementation by the Task Force. The CMT coordinator would be the first point of contact. The induction of experts and specialists will depend on the kind of crisis. If the crisis is to be managed at the country degree, CMT has to border new methods, choose essentially the most appropriate plan of action and supply instruction throughout the market. According to Protiviti, Independent Risk Consulting, the features of CMT are illustrated under. (Vael, 2007).

How does Crisis Management work in an organization?

The actions of CMT is distributed among the many following key personnel:

  1. CMT Leader is finally answerable for all main choices, agree on key messages, transient trade associates and empower and help CMT coordinators.
  2. CMT co- coordinator manages, collates, analyses, and segregates information that may be passed on to the public and which ought to not be passed on to the public.
  3. A CMT communication supervisor is responsible for promptness, accuracy, and consistency of communication and has a liaison with the opposite international locations and throughout the nation.
  4. CMT specialist and adviser assist and advises on attainable implications and shall be accountable to get the updated data. According to the scenario, various sorts of advisers and specialists shall be inducted into the group.

How Pandemic crisis administration is different?

Pandemic is an epidemic flu transmitted from birds to human beings and from human beings to human beings. During 2007 most parts of Asia and Europe had been affected by Pandemic influenza. The mortality price is as high as 50 %, the absenteeism in business and trade called for a different technique to deal with the state of affairs. The parameters were not inside the management of the organization and therefore a traditional CMT could not cope with the scenario. Communications with completely different government departments and worldwide businesses have to be carried out with velocity and accuracy. Employees need to be warned in opposition to rumors and given correct counseling in well being care. “Most web sites (CDC, WHO, others) say that our greatest protection might be quarantined. The expectation is that geographical areas shall be quarantined, perhaps repeatedly, and the eruptions of circumstances move from region to region and cycle again once more. Quarantines will probably be enforced for between 4 and ten weeks. Students will be residence and colleges might be closed for a time that may most likely not be known initially of the quarantine.

We have nothing to go on to prepare in phrases of past experience. If this once becomes human-to-human transmissible, it will transfer throughout the world remarkably fast due to our cell lives and how air travel has turn into so commonplace.” (Avian bird flu Pandemic).

To minimize the impression of pandemic Teed consultancy has instructed a 20 point motion plan:

  1. We should plan for a reduction of fifty % workforce for a interval of 12 – 15 weeks.
  2. The employee ought to be relocated to locations where the an infection is minimum.
  3. The shop ought to be open for the minimal time potential.
  4. Staff shortage in the CMT should be planned.
  5. A pandemic working regime should take off instantly when the pandemic strikes.
  6. When the federal government declares the outburst of the pandemic or when employees energy is reduced beneath a traditional degree, the working regime should take off.
  7. Critical processes of the corporate should be sustained in the course of the pandemic regime.
  8. Critical personnel required during the pandemic regime must be identified.
  9. Cross-training of the worker should be planned forward.
  10. Staff, clients and different involved events must be communicated company’s contingency plan in the course of the pandemic outburst.
  11. The government’s tips on quarantine, workers welfare, counseling in case of bereavement should be strictly followed.
  12. HR insurance policies on absenteeism, sick depart, wages, etc. must be revised in tune with the new situation.
  13. The occasion must be monitored and journey restricted.
  14. Identify persons who can work at home or from a different location.
  15. Increase customer usage must be encouraged to utilize IT and telecom providers.
  16. Head workplace meetings could be replaced by video – conferencing.
  17. Supplies must be checked for infection and sufficient quantity should be made available.
  18. Stakeholders must be informed about the contingency plan.
  19. Travel restrictions on similar lines affected by neighboring countries may be carried out.
  20. Periodical review and updating are needed at each stage.

Different phases of Pandemic Influenza are shown below:

Different phases of Pandemic Influenza
(Vael, 2007).

Case study- European Medicine Agency (EMEA):

  1. Introduction: EMEA crisis plan is an action plan which can swing into motion when the spread of the epidemic is announced. This disaster plan is evaluated and tested with simulation.
  2. Principles of the Crisis Management Plan: The major objective of the plan is to implement EMEA’s insurance policies with regard to the unfold of epidemics. It will communicate with all different voluntary nongovernment and government companies engaged in comparable work of offering influenza pandemic vaccines and different medical merchandise. WHO will determine the outburst of the epidemic and this must be communicated to EMEA by way of a commission (DG Sanco). A administration procedure is introduced to indicate how EMEA’s motion plan will trigger off when the arrival of epidemics is announced. The public will pay attention to the outburst simultaneously together with DG Sanco and different states. A list of crisis contact points is prepared.
  3. Objectives of the EMEA Pandemic Influenza Crisis Plan:

Handling of crisis situation:

  1. Initiate the motion plan
  2. Manage and coordinate the evaluation of dossiers for pandemic influenza vaccine.
  3. Manage and coordinate the post-authorization follow-up of centrally approved antiviral and vaccines.

Coordination of the varied EMEA activities:

  1. Further EMEA actions will begin as quickly as the outburst of the epidemic is announced.
  2. The business group decisions are taken on a timely foundation.
  3. Crisis Management Structure: Different constructions of the task drive are established to deal with conditions exterior the workplace hours throughout weekends and holidays and so on. CHMP skilled group (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use) might be added to the duty drive relying upon the kind of the epidemic. A particular function for the administration is specified through the onset of the pandemic.
  4. Policy and strategy of EMEA: “Effective communications shall be crucial within the occasion of an influenza pandemic. This will require timely and effective co-ordinate responses from every of the Agency’s European companions, specifically the European Commission, ECDC and the EU Member States, healthcare suppliers, the media and the public normally.” (EMEA Pandemic Influenza Crisis Management Plan for the Evaluation and Maintenance of Pandemic Influenza Vaccines and Antivirals, 2006).

How totally different pandemics are planned differently?

The strategy for fowl flue shall be totally different from that for a pure disaster or terrorist attack. Homeland security officers suggest a different action plan for a safeguarding chemical factory in case of a terrorist attack. “The train begins with a simulation titled Green Scorpion, by which terrorists gain access to a big chemical processing facility. Emergency teams will implement response methods that are designed to cease the terrorists, free hostages, and stop or mitigate damage to the power and surrounding area. In addition, the train may also look at how the incident may be sophisticated by the simultaneous outbreak of a pandemic. Providing a multi-hazard scenario will show why private and non-private organizations need a complete emergency response technique and the latest integrated data management tools.” (Terrorism Attack and Pandemic Exercise at ESS EXPO.08 Spotlights Strategies and Tools to Safeguard U.S. Chemical Plants, 2008).

For similar pandemic influenza if it happens after a gap of a few years it’s going to require a different strategy than that was adopted in the earlier case. The new strategy will care for the output of the old strategy by the use of suggestions, remedial measures for overcoming obstacles that came in the best way of the earlier strategy updating the information on the present level. This will be an opportunity to appropriate our previous shortcomings.


Pandemic disaster administration is totally different from regular disaster administration as a end result of presence of various international agencies with totally different work cultures and communication abilities. In case of a pandemic disaster, the coordination process shall be more sophisticated than that of regular crisis administration. In spite of those difficulties, International communities have risen above nationwide obstacles to sort out the pandemic disaster as this cannot be limited to one area or country and coordination of all people across the globe is critical to save humanity. The efforts of WHO on this regard are exemplary. The pace of communication is as important as communication itself. In case of nationwide disasters, budgetary restrictions shouldn’t be a criterion as we’re coping with human beings and never with mere materials.

“By nature, crises are neither expected nor nice. As organizations proceed to face a rising number of crises, they are realizing the pricey, far-reaching impacts of either not being prepared or not having the requisite capabilities readily deployed when emergency conditions happen.” (Crisis Management Services).


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