Pain Reduction Metods for Cancer Patients Essay

Pain Reduction Metods for Cancer Patients Essay


Pain administration is part of nursing practice as virtually all health circumstances are associated with ache of various depth. Pain administration is probably certainly one of the priorities in most cancers remedy as chemotherapy, which is still one of the main treatment methods causes considerable ache and has opposed effects on patients’ quality of life (Shin, Mitchell, Mannion, Smolyn, & Meghani, 2019). The instructed examine aims at addressing the next PICOT question: In cancer patients(P), how does Cannabidiol (CBD) (I) compared with opioids (C) have an effect on pain(O) over chemotherapy treatment? (T)


It is important to establish essentially the most appropriate timeframe for the project so as to ensure that the study is effective and related. The timeframe of the study should be sufficient to acquire the target outcomes, however it cannot be too long as extended projects are related to the considerable financial funding. Healthcare amenities usually have restricted budgets, so costly tasks could be an unacceptable burden. However, it’s also important to make sure that the project’s period is enough for the prevalence of major outcomes of the instructed remedy. Moreover, the issue is somewhat pressing, and effective therapy strategies are wanted in oncological departments.

The use of hashish is characterized by fairly fast reduction of ache and patients’ improved quality of life (Ramesh, 2017). It may be effective to implement the project for sixty days. One-month is quite a short period as such chronic circumstances as cancer require the long-term use of certain treatment. This period could additionally be needed for the manifestation of unwanted aspect effects if any.

As far because the anticipated outcomes of the treatment are concerned, these are manifold as cannabinoids are linked to diverse effects on people’s health and quality of life. Clearly, the primary consequence to be anticipated is substantial ache relief. The most fascinating consequence is complete reduction, although limited results may additionally be considered a optimistic outcome since present opioid-based treatment plans often cut back painful sensations partially (Palace & Reingold, 2019).

Cannabinoids have proved to be efficient medication in plenty of clinical settings, particularly when it comes to persistent conditions (Shin et al., 2019). The instructed therapy is more likely to result in patients’ improved quality of life as they may be capable of manage pain successfully.

The rising rate of people growing addictions to prescribed opioids is one other drawback the instructed treatment can address. Opioids are related to the development of addictive symptoms within a brief time period (Palace & Reingold, 2019). Cancer sufferers usually need to handle pain for a substantial interval or even their entire lives. The extended use of opioids can end result in the development of extreme addictions, psychological well being points, and the general deterioration of well being (Kurtin & Fuoto, 2019). The use of Cannabidiol is linked to fewer unwanted aspect effects and prolonged painkilling effects.

The implementation of the project requires the most environment friendly methods to measure outcomes. Self-report ache questionnaires and chilly pressor take a look at are commonly used for evaluating ache and the effectiveness of pain management (Ramesh, 2017). Cold pressor checks enable investigators to establish patients’ ache tolerance and threshold, which is essential in analyzing patients’ self-report regarding ache intensity and frequency. These measurements will be utilized on this examine due to their effectiveness and ease of conduction. These instruments are also associated with a substantial degree of reliability, which is important for the implementation of the project. Pain Treatment Satisfaction Scale (PTSS) is another software that might be utilized to examine the effectiveness of the suggested pain administration remedy (Ramesh, 2017).

Finally, the frequency of using the medicine and dosage shall be measured to establish the risks of developing an addiction. The precise effects of the treatment, as nicely as patients’ overall satisfaction concerning the provided treatment, might be thought-about when estimating the effectivity of the Cannabidiol-based treatment.


On balance, the suggested project will final for 2 months and might be characterised by way of a number of measurements. The 60-day therapy will be sufficient for the manifestation of constructive and attainable adverse effects of the medicine. Cold pressor test, self-report questionnaires, and PTSS might be utilized to measure the effectiveness of the therapy. It is anticipated that sufferers using Cannabidiol will expertise much less intense pain and will have the next high quality of life as compared to these using opioids. Cannabinoid-based treatment can be associated with a decrease threat of the event of addictions.


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