Pain Management in Nursing Practice PICOT Question Essay

Pain Management in Nursing Practice: PICOT Question Essay

Pain management is a major concern in many areas of nursing practice, together with oncological care. Adequate ache management leads to improved quality of life by reducing cancer patients’ symptoms following chemotherapy remedy. Although opiates are used as the primary pain administration strategy, cannabis-based remedy is also effective. The chosen PICOT question is, “In cancer patients(P), how does Cannabidiol (CBD) (I) in contrast with opioids (C) affect pain(O) over chemotherapy treatment? (T)”.

Study Population

The selected inhabitants includes cancer patients present process chemotherapy therapy. This sort of therapy is associated with several unwanted unwanted effects, together with peripheral neuropathic pain (Park, 2014). Cancer patients can also expertise ache for other causes, and the pathophysiology of most cancers pain is commonly poorly understood (Fallon et al., 2018). The main need of patients with most cancers who are in chemotherapy is to take care of the best possible quality of life.

Pain often prevents them from being socially energetic and interferes with coping, which can lead to poor psychological well being outcomes. Patients with most cancers ache that cannot be managed utilizing non-opioid analgesics normally receive prescriptions for opioids (Fallon et al., 2018). Nevertheless, opioids are highly addictive and pose threats related to overdosing. This can inhibit the useful effect of pain management on most cancers patients’ high quality of life. Hence, considering different options, corresponding to cannabidiol, could be useful.

The Theory

The key nursing principle that might be utilized to cancer pain administration is Katharine Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort. This theory posits that nursing is the method of assessing patients’ need for comfort and meeting it utilizing applicable care plans (Puchi, Paravic-Klijn, & Salazar, 2018). There are three forms of consolation described in Kolcaba’s principle: relief, ease, and transcendence. This concept is related as a result of cancer patients experience the necessity for all of these sorts of comfort as a end result of they expertise each physical and psychological challenges. Successful most cancers ache management aims to supply lasting relief, thus meeting patients’ consolation needs. Practicing by Kolcaba’s concept also requires nurses to deal with patients’ mental well being wants, as an example, by referring them to a professional counselor or offering recommendations for achieving higher levels of social support.

Research Design

Evidence-based apply is the necessary thing to profitable ache management as a result of it permits nurses to use analysis to develop applicable care plans (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2019). Evidence-based follow usually relies on results from quantitative research as a outcome of they supply statistically sound findings (Turner, Balmer, & Coverdale, 2013). Hence, figuring out the comparative effectiveness of cannabidiol and opioids for most cancers ache management requires using a quantitative method. In explicit, it would be helpful to conduct a randomized managed trial by measuring patients’ numerical pain score and evaluating the results between the intervention and the management group (Ingham-Broomfield, 2014). This design would enable accumulating info required to support optimistic changes in evidence-based follow, thus helping to boost most cancers pain administration.


Overall, cancer ache is an important drawback because it reduces patients’ quality of life and impacts their overall well-being. Patients with cancer need sufficient ache administration to participate in common actions and deal with their analysis more successfully. Kolcaba’s Theory of Comfort is suitable for oncological nursing practice as a result of it stipulates the nurse’s position in providing physical and psychological consolation to sufferers.

Based on this theory, appropriate ache management strategies supply consolation within the type of pain aid. To study cannabidiol as a substitute for opioid ache administration, it would be helpful to use the randomized controlled trial methodology to measure the level of ache reported by sufferers utilizing one or the opposite medicine. The results of the trial will present reliable results that might enhance evidence-based follow in cancer pain administration.


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