Osteoporosis Screening for Various Age Groups Essay

Osteoporosis Screening for Various Age Groups Essay

Osteoporosis screening is a necessary measure that helps monitor patients’ bone well being. Standard exams for bone mineral density (BMD) for postmenopausal ladies, such as a Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), offer some degree of reliability. It is only really helpful for ladies after sixty five years old, failing to account for youthful patients’ considerations (Cauley, 2018). US Preventative Services Task Force offers completely different screening tools for patients between 50 and 65 years or youthful. These embody FRAX (Fracture Risk Assessment), SCORE (Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation), and OST (Osteoporosis Self-Assessment) tests (Cauley, 2018). The effectiveness of the FRAX software is questioned by some scholars (Bansal et al., 2015). Nonetheless, its availability poses it as a complementary technique to entry BMD for younger patients.

Younger patients’ lack of access to DXA just isn’t the one weak point of this take a look at. Komar et al. (2019) argue that DXA’s advantages are limited due to the measurement of the machine, its technical requirements, and patients’ publicity to radiation. The authors counsel ultrasonography in its place for assessing BMD for both younger and older sufferers. According to Komar et al., the outcomes of ultrasonography are appropriate in high quality with those of DXA. This test supplies low-cost and effective care to sufferers from different age groups.

The variety of tools for osteoporosis screening exhibits that this drawback must be actively reviewed for sufferers younger than 65 years. As a complicated follow nurse, it is important to suggest early alternative screenings if some indicators are current in a patients’ well being historical past. Moreover, some further research performed by nurses in this sphere may help providers to increase the accuracy of checks and decrease the edge for screening’s begin.


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