Nursing Research Process, Education, and Practice Essay

Nursing Research Process, Education, and Practice Essay

Nowadays, research remains the first device of studying in any area of expertise, and nursing is not an exception. Through research, students and academic employees can acquire the mandatory knowledge and use it in follow. In this essay, the targets of analysis in nursing education and apply and the analysis process shall be mentioned. Also, data on the evidence-based follow in the context of analysis will be included.

Several targets are pursued by researchers in nursing. These targets are constructing a base of evidence, which helps to enhance practices, develop knowledge in healthcare, and improve patient care (Blake par. 2). Ultimately, all of the efforts are made to strengthen the healthcare system and improve affected person care. It is price mentioning that it’s not potential to research without its main trigger-researchers’ curiosity. Curiosity motivates mental activity that helps scholars to obtain new data and proceed the method of learning.

There are four main steps of the analysis process: finding a research topic, setting up a top stage view, trying to find primary and secondary sources, and writing a paper draft. Some intellectuals and students write papers based mostly on proof of practice. Evidence-based practice research is a process that consists of engaged on follow questions and on the lookout for proof that is used for acquiring solutions to those questions. Evidence-based analysis helps students to be engaged in apply choices, that are crucial for the remedy of sufferers (Parrish, p.408). The last stage of a research process is a discussion of the work with authors’ colleagues before publishing or presenting research. They can advise on how work could be further enhanced.

Therefore, it can be concluded that research remains one of the essential elements of nursing schooling and follow. Curiosity is the main trigger of analysis exercise, which consists of formulating questions, constructing an outline, looking for sources, and writing a draft. Evidence-based research occupies a special place in nursing as it helps to attain the main goal, which is the development of patient care.

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