Money & Wealth In The Great Gatsby

Money & Wealth in The Great Gatsby

In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has set his sights on winning back the only girl he ever felt he loved. Because Daisy is already married to Tom when Gatsby returns from the war and because she has always been a child of privilege, Gatsby reasons that the best way to win her back is to be rich and to have flashier things than those of her husband. Toward that end, Gatsby gets involved in the illegal bootlegging business during the 1920s prohibition period, he buys a huge mansion that affords him a view of Daisy’s house from the back and he throws lavish parties in an effort to try to lure Daisy throughout the water in to his world. This individual shows off their many possessions which includes his fancy t-shirts great specialized vehicle. His plan appears to be being successful as he appointments ready several occasions and she appears to be returning some associated with his affections, yet when she’s pushed to make the choice between Mary and Gatsby, Daisy chooses Tom with regard to his old cash and connections, showing how she’s because shallow and hollowed out as his tries to win the girl heart have recommended.

It’s difficult to blame Gatsby for attempting in order to win Daisy simply by impressing her along with his material prosperity, though. Which is almost all anyone appears to carry out these days. Ladies get dressed inside expensive clothes plus do everything these people can to create it look because if they originated from the kind associated with family members Daisy came through and guys invest every penny these people have wanting to appear like they create a lot more than they actually do. Everything will be about appearances plus there’s almost simply no substance anymore. Within order to impress people these days, you have to drive a high-dollar vehicle like a Mercedes or a Lexus or at least drive something brand new, you have to own a house with decent square footage or a really cool apartment with all the new gadgets and you have to have the latest in technology in all areas of your life, from your car stereo to your cell phone. You also have to know how to dress well in expensive clothes, use the right product in your hair and, whether you’re male or female, have your nails properly manicured.

The end result of all this focusing on exterior details and material wealth is that no one has time to develop deeper attributes. The soul is left to atrophy because it is given no real sustenance. For example , if a man drives up to a cafe to meet a girl in a rusty old car, she instantly decides that she doesn’t like him and shuts him out for the rest of the evening. She doesn’t even hear his remark that he’s driving the ‘rust-bucket’ as a means of remembering his grandfather who recently died and is planning to get the car fixed up as a classic. People that don’t have a lot of cash yet have a great deal of inner worth are passed over as insignificant in favor of the empty shell of an individual who has all the cash and flash but none of the inner fire. Ironically, it’s often only the people who don’t have a lot of money who manage to find their way to a greater truth and a more fulfilling sense of value. They learn the intrinsic personal benefits of helping out another person, for example, plus discover the higher worth of self-knowledge plus self-worth. While a large number of people wander close to America with almost all the necessary achievements of the ‘American dream’, they stay unhappy with their own lives and experience empty. They fault this on the work, on their partner, on their kids, and their mother and father, but never get the time in order to look inside in order to find the worth they’re missing.

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