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Money Compensation for Student-Athletes: Persuasive Speech Essay


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United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit published Case: 14-16601 on September 30, 2015, and emphasized that National Collegiate Athletic Association is not above antitrust laws. The case illustrates the current debate on whether student-athletes should receive money compensation.

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I’m sure, a lot of people in this area appreciate college sports extremely. Therefore, being conscious of the existing debate on purchase student athletes is of vital importance.


I’ve studied numerous views and arguments shared by respected experts to provide you with relevant information on the problem.


The solution that’s fair to all or any ongoing parties, like National and student-sportsmen Collegiate Athletic Association, ought to be found as as you possibly can to save college sports activities from decline soon.

Main Stage Preview

First, I am going to start by letting you know concerning the risks of restricting schools from compensating sportsmen beyond the cost of attendance. Second, I will explain why college sports establishments put their efforts in preventing expanding athletes’ rights. Finally, I will conclude with the feasible solutions to the problem.

Main Point 1 (Problem)

Restricting colleges from compensating athletes beyond the cost of attendance can put a serious threat to the whole system of amateur sports as student-athletes spend much time that could be used for earning their living for sports activities. Besides, sports are highly lucrative for colleges, and students whose labor brings the revenues should discuss the part of them not to lose the interest in such activities.

Sub-Point 1

In this article compiled by Carter Williams for Deseret Information , july 16 on, 2015, the writer states that lots of students have a solid dependence on earning their living and so are willing to work with extra money privately. However, student athletes don’t have such possibility because of their busy life filled with sports activities. Therefore, to be a student-athlete seriously impacts the person’s possibility to find a part-time work and earn enough cash for living, learners spending plenty of time for benefiting university sports have to be adequately paid.

Sub-Point 2

According to articles released in the NY Moments by Marc Tracy on September 30, 2015, college sports activities bring huge revenues that needs to be fairly distributed to student-athletes who play the most crucial role in winning the huge benefits. In the article submitted by Maxwell Strachan in the Huffington Blog post on March 27, 2015, the writer presents the sights of several respected economists contemplating NCAA Schools capable of affording to pay college students. The schools should broaden the athletes’ rights and reward them adequately. Normally, the interest in participating in athletics will decline significantly.


Given that I explained the type of the issue and the risks linked to restricting the schools from paying student sportsmen extra money, I will determine the sources of the nagging problem.

Main Stage 2 (Lead to)

The sources of the discussed issue are linked to both material curiosity of sports applications and the original standards of non-revenue sports activities.

Sub-Point 1

Sports programs would need to decrease the earnings of extremely paid instructors and athletic directors to get sources for paying college student athletes extra money. That is one of the main causes why many coaches so vehemently oppose the idea of money rewards for the players. In the previously cited post by Maxwell Strachan, the author shows the data proving that basketball and football coaches are the best-paid public employees. Therefore, purely material interest stimulates sports programs to oppose the initiative of sharing the revenues with the players.

Sub-Point 2

Numerous opponents of payment for student-athletes claim that paying extra money for players will ruin the amateur sports system we are used to. Unwillingness to change the system is one of the causes of opposing the money compensation for players.


I have now told you about the causes of the problem, and it is time and energy to explore the possible options.

Main Stage 3 (Alternative)

Reallocation of assets and finding consensus fulfilling the requirements of both sides seem to be effective solutions to the issue.

Sub-Point 1

of building state-of-the-art amenities

Instead, sports programs may use the money to supply adequate rewards for pupil sportsmen. Besides, reducing unusually higher payments for coaches may also help find enough resources for paying the participants for their hard function.

Sub-Point 2

In this article submitted by Clay McEldowney in the Forbes on April 21, 2015, the writer emphasizes the necessity to modify the existing system in order that it would be fair to all or any parties. Providing fair talk about of revenues for several relative sides is certainly of crucial importance for coping with the problem.


I’ve explained the type and the sources of the problem. I explored the probable means of dealing with in addition, it. It is time to wrap the items up Now.


Evaluation Thesis

The efficient solution to the problem of compensating student sports athletes for his or her hard work must be found to save non-revenue sports from severe crisis.

Review Main Points

First, I explored the nature of the problem and the risks related to it. Then, I explained its causes and moved on to presenting possible solutions.


College sports make an essential and one of the most interesting parts of students’ life. Hopefully, sports programs will ensure that the system functions properly and demonstrate an appreciation of the large efforts put into the advancement of non-revenue sports by student sports athletes.


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