Mental Healthcare in Louisiana Research Paper

Mental Healthcare in Louisiana Research Paper


The mental health of individuals is among the main concerns of the united states healthcare sector. The tendency towards the progressively increasing degree of strain attributable to society on individuals preconditions the expansion in stress charges. Additionally, complex economic conditions, environmental factors, crime, disasters, and personal points can also be considered stressors which may trigger the development of the disease and lay the bottom for the looks of multiple issues. That is why there’s a important need for improved monitoring on this sphere and effective intervention. Unfortunately, the scope of the issue and the complexity of the given task turns into a serious problem to various states and authorities. For occasion, the current state of mental health care in Louisiana can be thought of catastrophic as there are multiple issues that demand quick intervention and backbone. The offered paper outlines the present situation within the given sector, factors that contributed to its look, and presents possible approaches to improve it.


Discussing the given drawback, Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in 2005 could be considered one of the root causes of the emergence and development of critical points in Louisiana. Devastations of the primary parts of infrastructure preconditioned the dramatic decrease within the effectiveness of care provision (Potash, 2008). The healthcare sector of the state has been making an attempt to get well pre-storm assets to have the ability to help all people who returned after the natural catastrophe (Potash, 2008). However, it turned out to be a extreme challenge, as psychological well being companies didn’t comply with the residents’ return (Potash, 2008). Reports state that out of 208 psychiatrists who worked in New Orleans, only forty two remained (Potash, 2008). Additionally, the variety of beds available for mentally unwell patients reduced from 487 to 190 (Potash, 2008). Along with the substantial harm done to healthcare units within the space, it resulted in the sector’s incapability to assist sufferers with mental issues and contribute to their recovery. The situation signalized the need for intervention and enchancment; nonetheless, it continued to deteriorate and preconditioned a disaster that may still be observed right now.

Budget Cuts

Another factor that has a significant adverse impression on the state of psychological care in Louisiana is a chain of price range cuts in observed years. It restricted caregivers of their capacity to offer appropriate care to sufferers, particularly those who have mental illnesses. At the second, Louisiana holds the lowest rank in spending on psychological health care if evaluate with the other 43 states (LBP, 2018). The lack of financing and state investment preconditions the additional evolution of the disaster and using ineffective insurance policies to take care of the problematic scenario. The larger a part of these cuts took place within the last decade during the rule of Bobby Jindal, who did not repair the well being sector (Sayre, 2018). As a result, specialists working within the sphere don’t get the needed coaching, and caregivers are disadvantaged of a chance to assist patients because of the limited resources available to them.


Poor financing additionally preconditions a quantity of psychiatric clinics’ closures or their inappropriate functioning. Being not able to work with this sort of shopper, well being items favor to show away sufferers earlier than they become this very unit’s duty (Potash, 2008). Moreover, reports present that many working hospitals accepted the decision to close psychiatric wards after the storm and keep away from working with mentally ill sufferers primarily due to the elevated quantities of uncompensated care that had been associated with this kind of duties (Potash, 2008). In such a way, the core reason for the closure of healthcare services or their lack of ability to open and assist their psychiatric departments was inappropriate funding that deprived caregivers of a chance to offer wanted interventions to sufferers of hospitalizing them (Potash, 2008). Moreover, the lower in the number of hospitals preconditioned the appearance of problems in lots of different social spheres, which critically depend upon the successful functioning of this very sector, and the penitentiary system belongs to this cohort.


At the moment, Louisiana additionally faces a serious problem related to the imprisoned folks. Statistics present that in the intervening time, jails are full of mentally sick patients who are not provided with the needed care (Sayre, 2018). The poor functioning of the healthcare sector preconditions the development of harmful situations when people who want assistance are not provided with the demanded treatment and may pose a risk to other individuals who surround them (Moller, 2010). Additionally, human rights turn into infringed as incarcerated people must also be supplied with all providers needed for their dwelling and improvement. In such a means, the looks and evolution of multiple problems in psychological well being care even have a negative effect on jails and group well being.

Emergency Rooms and Nursing Homes

Furthermore, the cuts in the price range discussed above must be taken as a limiting factor for the work of emergency rooms and nursing properties. Accepting the truth that that rates of psychological sickness remain particularly high within the area, the effective work of those two types of facilities is key for the advance of care delivery and the standard of people’s lives. Unfortunately, the gaps in the system and problems with the budged additionally imply that individuals with this sort of drawback remain uncovered and endure from the further growth of problems (Sayre, 2018). Emergency rooms may refuse to take a patient because of the absence of financing, specialists, or beds out there for this cohort of shoppers (Sayre, 2018). As for the nursing properties, their number also has been reducing since 2005 because of the uncompensated work and systematic issues in the entire sphere (Potash, 2008). For this cause, the existence of important points can be noticed.

Ineffective System

Analyzing the given disaster and the primary aspects associated with it, it also wants to be stated that the fragmented character of the system and the existence of a number of flaws must be discussed. First, there is no effective plan for the alignment of steady improvement within the given sector. It ends in the failure of some profitable incentives as they can not evolve without federal or governmental assist. Moreover, findings proof the widespread incompetence and fraud in current Louisiana’s psychological health system (Potash, 2008). The problematic financing and ineffective method precondition the event of illegal schemes and approaches. At the same time, the level of workers preparedness decreases, which preconditions the rise within the rate of mistakes and deterioration within the quality of care provided to clients (Potash, 2008). The present Medicaid program suggested care to more than 430,000 folks in Louisiana; however, many medical doctors don’t accept patients who fall beneath this class (Sayre, 2018). Additionally, low reimbursement charges limit patients’ opportunities to accumulate the wanted care and make follow management extremely challenging (Sayre, 2018). It leads to the creation of a fragmented and ineffective system that can’t resolve the disaster.

Private Issues

The scope of the issue means that even some private corporations and individuals with private insurance might have difficulties. First of all, because of the advanced state of affairs, several mental well being suppliers insist on using out-of-pocket funds to deal with sufferers (Sayre, 2018). Additionally, the effective work of the non-public sector faces problems much like those deteriorating to work of all state’s services in Louisiana. The absence of the structured method to working with purchasers who demand this kind of intervention and the gaps on this sphere imply that the number of patients will proceed to increase, and private companies will remain obtainable solely to a restricted group of citizens (Moller, 2010). At the same time, there aren’t so many brokers who want to act under these conditions and enter the given sphere due to the absence of a transparent understanding of the method to improve the scenario.


There are also some public issues and governmental makes an attempt to attain serious alterations in care delivery and enhance the quality of people’s lives in Louisiana. First, as it has already been said, Medicaid was considered a proper intervention to help people with critical health problems to acquire care, however its effectiveness and skill to affect the situation was restricted (Sayre, 2018). Additionally, there are some public programs aimed at helping people with a low stage of earnings to make certain that they can enhance their living circumstances and purchase the specified well being (Hardy, 2018). This very intervention may be taken as an acceptable one as there is a high price of household poverty that stops people from enjoying their lives (Potash, 2008). However, these applications are not in a place to rethink the entire sphere due to the need for some systematic strategy.


As for the optimistic solutions to the issue, there are a number of suggestions that might be given regarding the prevailing state of affairs. First, the fundamental step is to introduce the appropriate financing of the sphere to make sure that native mental well being suppliers will work in communities and supply sufferers with the remedy they want. It could be organized within the form of retention grants or donations for the federal authorities because of the intense complexity of the current scenario and the tendency in the course of its additional deterioration. Moreover, it is important to achieve a pre-disaster number of working hospitals and psychiatric units for them to work with all mentally unwell people and contribute to the development of their states. Finally, as part of the development program, a deep investigation of the sphere ought to be performed to determine instances of fraud, malpractice, or low competence among employees.


Altogether, the state of mental healthcare in Louisiana remains complex. The space continues to be trying to recover from the hurricane and restore its health infrastructure. However, there is a set of problems that contribute to the looks of unfavorable tendencies and the additional sophistication of the difficulty. First of all, the poor financing and ineffective distribution of costs cause substantial harm to the sector and precondition closure of many facilities crucial for people’s restoration. Moreover, the absence of trained well being employees, a decrease within the variety of beds, and a high stage of family poverty precondition the need for quick intervention to ensure that the question shall be solved. The proposed solutions embody better financing schemes to attract workers, restoration of infrastructure, and in-depth evaluation of the sphere to create the premise for continuous improvement.


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