Mental Health and Grief Counseling Issues Research Paper

Mental Health and Grief Counseling Issues Research Paper


We live in a world where individuals continually deal with intense sorrow and unhappiness brought on by the lack of a beloved one, particularly by demise or other life changing events corresponding to divorce and termination from work among others. According to psychologists, there isn’t a universal method of expressing grief, as everyone’s expertise is influenced by elements similar to private values, cultural background, family setting, life experiences, and inherent beliefs among others (Giannopoulou, Bitsakou, Ralli, Chatzis, & Papadatou, 2018). For example, speaking about demise is commonly handled as a taboo component in most societies.

This makes it onerous for some folks to recuperate from the trauma of experiencing the dying of a member of the family or shut pal as a outcome of they tend to internalize the entire expertise. Grief counseling is a type of remedy, which helps individuals cope with totally different forms of responses when they experience loss (Giannopoulou et al., 2018). According to psychologists, coping with demise of a beloved one often has non secular, emotional, physical, and social effects on folks. Some of the notable indicators of somebody experiencing grief embrace withdrawal, crying, anger, as well as feelings of helplessness and regret (Enns, 2018). Most individuals consider it appropriate, when a grieving particular person holds him or herself from crying. Grief becomes a counseling issue in situations where the grieving course of faces interruptions that leave a quantity of crucial elements unresolved for a protracted period.


Grief counseling is very important, particularly to individuals that are typically overwhelmed by loss that disables their coping process. One advantage of grief counseling is the fact that it helps one to precise his or her emotions, as well as the reasons for feeling unhappy, lonely, and isolated following a loss (Worden, 2018). Through counseling, a grieving person is empowered to assume consciously by way of the loss they’re experiencing, the attainable changes and challenges that may follow, in addition to viable copping mechanisms they will apply. Psychologists additionally argue that grief counseling is critical for those that endure from anticipatory grief (Worden, 2018). This usually occurs to somebody who has a liked one going through an experience similar to a terminal illness that simply result in death. Such individuals are extremely vulnerable to suffering well being conditions corresponding to melancholy as a end result of the day by day publicity to the struggling of a beloved one and their inevitable death can be too overwhelming. Psychologists argue that whenever somebody starts to really feel responsible and helpless over a scenario they’ve little or no management over, then the time is true for them to hunt professional assist from a grief counselor (Enns, 2018).

Another benefit of grief counseling is that it helps folks to accept their loss by finding consolation in optimistic reminiscences (Giannopoulou et al., 2018). For instance, counseling may be done in a bunch setting, where folks going via a sure sort of grief come together and share their experiences. This plays a pivotal position in making a safe surroundings for someone to work via their emotions as a outcome of they are in a position to recognize that their state of affairs is not only distinctive to them, as others are experiencing it too (Winokuer & Harris, 2015). Counseling acts as a validation of emotions about a loss and the encouragement that their nonetheless an area the place their expression of grief is not going to be judged or misunderstood. Group counseling is pivotal in serving to grieving individuals to reduce their sense of isolation as a outcome of it permits people to change information that is related with regard to managing a loss (Rich, 2017).

The five phases of grief in accordance with the Kubler-Ross concept are denial, anger, bargaining, melancholy, and acceptance (Enns, 2018). One of the aims of grief counseling is getting an individual to the last and most essential stage of the method where somebody accepts the truth of the loss they skilled. The major precept utilized in the course of is the necessity to let a person take as a lot time as they may want before progressing from one state to the next (Winokuer & Harris, 2015). The major purpose for this is the reality that in some individuals, certain parts of grieve are postponed and tend to floor unexpectedly after they ought to be edging close to the acceptance stage. Therefore, it is important for a counselor to allow a affected person to grieve in his or her personal means as a end result of everybody responds to loss in a special method (Giannopoulou et al., 2018). A grief counseling session is deemed profitable if a counselor manages to help a grieved particular person to move on from a loss. Psychologists argue that the flexibility to persuade a grieving person that they can be pleased again is usually very fulfilling because they know that somebody has embraced positivity in life (Worden, 2018).

Grief counseling is essential and folks need within the modern world. Today’s world is very numerous and sophisticated with regard to the way people handle numerous situations in life. This phenomenon has been necessitated by the emergence of applied sciences such as social networking websites, which have made communication and sharing of knowledge lots easier (Rich, 2017). However, challenges related such technologies similar to cyber bullying can have a adverse impact on the ability of a grieving particular person to manage his or her loss successfully.

This is as a end result of if one chooses to share a grieving second with friends on social networking websites, there is a certain proportion who won’t provide the necessary assist whereas others have a tendency to respond in insensitive methods. It is essential to know that grieving is a private course of, whose needs are determined by components such because the magnitude of a loss, acquainted copping mechanisms, as properly as the existing help system (Rich, 2017). The value of grief counselors in the entire course of is felt probably the most when an individual needs to establish the extent of assist needed to have the ability to regain a sense of peace and normalcy. Counselors might help their societies in coping with grief by way of awareness creation programs and creating support teams by way of which individuals coping with numerous forms of loss can determine with and specific their emotions with ease (Winokuer & Harris, 2015).


One of the inevitable challenges that people need to cope with at some point in life is the extraordinary sorrow brought on by lack of a liked one or something that meant so much to them such as marriage or a job. Although grieving is a private process, some folks are most likely to take longer adjusting and moving on to the extent of requiring the companies of knowledgeable therapist. Grief counselors play a pivotal position in helping individuals coping with a loss to succeed in a point of accepting their scenario and moving on. Overcoming grief requires one to have a robust assist system, efficient copping mechanisms, as well as a free and save environment in which one can express his or her emotions without the fear of being judged. Grief counselors may be of nice assist to societies by method of dealing with grief by participating people in awareness creation applications and assist teams. This would play a pivotal role in serving to individuals to have the psychological preparedness of dealing with a loss.


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