Men’s Health Analysis of Problems Essay

Men’s Health: Analysis of Problems Essay


Health in men has been at risk of dying mainly as a outcome of problem that men have in expressing their feelings. This means that we have many well being problems in males that lead to dying that as within the case of women. Most of the diseases which are more likely to affect men in Los Angeles is ankylosing spondylitis which is a disease that is doubtless in men than in females. There is a sign that many men could have their spines fuse into solid bone when fusion is present this will mean that once the inflammatory course of has died down then men will feel much less pain than women experience the place the fusing may not happen or take a longer time to happen in our bodies of girls. There isn’t any set age the place this illness can take place in both sex in that a feminine and a male are vulnerable to this disease at any stage in life. With AS then one is at nice risk of developing melancholy this is because this illness has high results on the spines of individuals and this can imply that such an individual, might be in a position to conduct this disease simpler than an individual without the AS. (Bell, 1998)

People with depression

Many cultures stigmatize people with depression and that’s the reason there are many people with melancholy who should go untreated. This will imply that if an individual has received a sure disease then it must be primarily based on traditions that exist so that therapy may be given. This will lead to many people dropping their lives as it can be seen just a few males shall be ready to speak out about their issues mainly due to their nature as they were not created in the same method as girls. People with melancholy primarily males will be keen to acknowledge fatigue, irritability, lack of curiosity in work, and sleep disturbances somewhat than feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and guilt. Some males take care of melancholy by throwing themselves into work and trying to cover their melancholy from them. Family and different individuals could have the accountability to melancholy by participating in reckless conduct taking dangers and placing themselves in harm’s way. Other activities have an result on men like participation in skiing and using it will imply that an individual and major males will be inclined to injuring their backs and spines as a result of they don’t appear to be caring for themselves properly.

This will mean that such an individual will get issues in life and a purpose to have well being checkups during their bodily actions is essential in order that they’ll have their health checked earlier than they enter into these physical actions. The finest exercise that folks should practice in summer season so that they can have healthy backs and be robust is swimming. This is from a physician in America and has shown that the hydro-static forces of swimming act like an everlasting girdle hold an individual together and by preserving the body together then it means that there’s the negation of results of gravity. Improper biomechanics are the main contributor to again and spinal injuries therefore the only treatment to this might be to use proper biomechanics in order that they’ll have the reduction of these injuries. This will imply that issues like correct safety precautions like not bending on the waist to pick one thing up however bending on the knees will lead to changes that may result in a remedy of the spinal accidents. This will mean that the again shall be in a neutral and stable place. Genetic considerations are a major danger factor in back issues and this can indicate that those with again issues will have genetic issues in their lifetime as it’s seen to be a problem that persists in a given time in life. (Barrett, 1995)

Other ailments are related to males like the conducting of STDS which are very harmful in the lives of males. Diseases like HIV/AIDS affect other body components resulting in infertility this can mean that an individual with this drawback will discover it onerous to get kids as a result of results that will have been caused by the ailments that have effects on their body. The males well being are at risk mainly as a result of they haven’t any time for his or her associates in that they are not ready to get recommendation and help from medical doctors this can mean that such a person will have a health problem which is treatable however because of lack of right course then it will lead to the dying of the person. It isn’t any surprise that many males in Los Angeles have excessive information of death than girls. They usually are not ready to get help from their medical doctors and other people who discover themselves professionals what they do are hiding their problem and do other activities in order that they neglect that they’d a problem. Men need to debate the problems with physicians so that they’ll have a means through in life in that the disease that’s mainly related to men like prostate disease, erectile dysfunction, and kidney problems ought to be treated before they get into the worst stages. This will imply that what males are imagined to do is to get assistance and checkups so that they’ll have remedy of their disease inside the time when the signs present of their our bodies.

There is a necessity to speak about their issues with their friend in order that they’ll have adjustments that can result in well being changes and recovery in the best method. This will imply that what they need to do is to make the issue recognized to others in order that they can get info that will lead to better well being for all and primarily do the physical actions that may lead to the strengthening of their physique parts all the time they get time for follow. This will boost their well being and will bring related adjustments that should take place of their lives. (Alex, 1990)


Men’s well being has been at risk of issues because of their failure of getting remedy and advice on the method to go about their issues it will imply that what they should do is to alter whatever they do so that they will have their our bodies in the best place. This will only work if they take the best attention that may lead to having physical actions that are essential to change their physique components which have been underneath pressure.


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