Media Violence, Its Reasons and Consequences Essay

Media Violence, Its Reasons and Consequences Essay

Regarding the matters of media violence, to start with, it’s essential to mention, that this term is often regarded in two senses:

  1. Information that’s offered with none will or willpower by the recipient (advertisement, spam, etc)
  2. Scenes of violence confirmed on the screen (movies, information, video games), or described in press (web pages, newspapers, and so on.)

As it is mentioned within the paper, simply zero.2% of the FBI reports are murders, but greater than 50% of the TV information is murders on varied grounds. The following outcomes should be made:

  • Watchers are attracted by the scenes of violence.
  • People are thinking about thrilling movies.

As it has been said by the psychologists, the violent video, or info that describes some violent scenes originate emotional flow, and emotions are identified to be a drug: if one lacks feelings and impressions, he/she begins looking for it in the surrounding world. Mass media offers essentially the most out there satisfaction of those requirements. Thus, TV channels, newspapers, and other visual sources acquire their auditorium, by binding it to the screens and pages. It is important to agree with Bushman and Anderson, that violence is a vital a half of mass media.

As for the video video games, containing violence, a separate paragraph may be dedicated to it. It is carefully linked with the most recent psychological finding: it states, that being killed on the display, gamer experiences psychological alleviation. The research held by Finnish scientists showed, that killing of the principle character of the game originates rather more constructive emotions than the elimination of the adverse characters. Researches also stated that avid gamers are less subjected to emotional experience. It is closely linked with the full devotedness to the method, which is the reason of interest to the gaming course of, the desire to win, to solve the search, upgrade the character, and so forth. The indifference to mass media violence is not so crucial for psychology from the angle of emotions.

Surely, violent scenes may cause depression, suicidal ideas, but all these take their origin, not within the image of blood, homicide, raping, etc. These ideas are genetically outlined, and the violent scenes just accelerate the process of their showing. Ass media is to not blame for this, as sooner o later suicidal determination seems itself, as raises and falls are inevitable in our life. The clear proof is stated within the paper, and it cannot be disagreed with: There are at least six instructive parallels between the smoking and lung most cancers relationship and the media violence and aggression relationship. First, not everybody who smokes will get lung most cancers, and not everybody who will get lung most cancers is a smoker. Similarly, not everybody who watches violent media turns into aggressive, and never everyone who is aggressive watches violent media.

In the conclusion, it will be necessary to say, that violence in our on a daily basis life is viewed as something frequent and routine. It just isn’t the fault of mass media. Its task is just to give reliable data. It is the fault of humanity, who more than 65% of the history spent on wars.

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