Meat and Poultry Packing Job Safety Report (Assessment)

Meat and Poultry Packing Job Safety Report (Assessment)


Due to the elevated variety of immigrants who escape harsh living situations in Mexico, many have discovered themselves working in insecure and unhealthy working areas in their efforts to make supply of livelihood and improve their residing circumstances. Many of these immigrants have been employed in meat and poultry packing factories.

These factories take advantage of the available low cost labor by overworking them and keep away from observing their working rights regarding their safety and health. Because the meat factories are the quick employers of these immigrants many become weak to harsh working situations and requirements. This embrace in instances of harm many go unattended to as they do not report because they worry sacked on the grounds of failure to work, hence face the issue of being deported.

Therefore, to keep away from deportation and lack of livelihood many proceed to work in these meat factories despite of the persistent injuries and sicknesses they encounter. Due to the increased variety of accidents and deaths arising from the poor working circumstances, there is want to coach and train the immigrants on the security and well being hazards of working in meat factories. On the different hand, the human rights organizations and our bodies ought to give you ways and strategies to guard these immigrants in order that their work rights aren’t abused.


The meat packing course of involves a series of harmful actions which might be hazardous and injurious to the employees who most of them are immigrants seeking jobs. The processes contain slaughtering utilizing rotating knives, hooks and saws to take away pores and skin from the meat in addition to meat from the bones. many employees encounter injuries and illnesses while working on this meat factories, that is mainly because of the bureaucracies of the administration that insist on employees working throughout even after being injured in any other case they threat being sacked and deported again to their mom international locations. Hence many of those immigrants go without being treated or reporting.

On the other hand, these meat factories worry making losses due to lateness in meat slaughtering, processing and delivering to their respective customers. Therefore, the workers work underneath nice pressure to satisfy the tight deadlines and the high demand of the meat business. the in depth use of very sharp equipments to slaughter makes the workers susceptible to cumulative trauma issues (CTO) as reported by OSHA.

These chronic accidents corresponding to tendonitis and tenosynovitis destroy the gentle cells, nervous system and tissues which will cause crippling and organ mutilation or dysfunction. Most of the researches carried out reveal that many of these manufacturing facility staff endure from musculoskeletal issues. These are mainly brought on by the vibrating knives and other equipments applied for meat extraction and processing.

Meat packing security standards

Due too high levels of reported accidents and disorders reported in lots of the meat factories various organizations and governments have come up to ensure the safety of the workers is adhered to and their work rights are protected. For occasion, in 1970 the occupational safety and well being act was enacted as regulation to oversee the safety of the meat factory employees previous to growing instances of reported accidents and issues encountered by these workers. In 1987, OSHA imposed a charge on many meat factories that never offered the security of its staff and in 1988 many of these factories entered right into a treaty committing them to employ instruments and equipments that may reduce the CTO disorders.

In addition, they were required to ensure that the workers injured will bear the required prognosis and therapy. For instance, the meat corporations stopped using vibrating knives and saws to extract meat from bones and employed acceptable machines much less hazardous and injurious to the workers.

Before the enactment of these laws and agreements, the bureau of labor statistics reported that both the employees and the factories have been loosing a lot cash due to the days out of work as well as compensation money for damages done to the workers in line of responsibility. The bureau estimated the cost to be about 20 billion $ per year arising from CTO issues and injuries. However, with the increased utilization of superior meat extraction equipments, the price has dropped drastically because of reduced circumstances of injuries and problems hence employees spend fewer days off their duty and the factories spent little cash on compensating the employees from injuries encountered.

However, some factories proceed to make use of the vibrating knives to extract meat from neck bones and different locations that the new improved equipments cannot be capable of work correctly and successfully. This nonetheless remains a risk to meat cutters and butchers who usually are not aware of the risks they could expose themselves to. On the opposite hand, the working setting on most of these factories is very chilly due to refrigeration and they are poorly ventilated in order to protect the meat. These situations are not only deadly to the workers but in addition worsen the CTO issues.

For instance, the manufacturing facility employees additionally undergo from respiratory diseases although many get handled and become nicely. Therefore, there isn’t any want of alarm to the public and the factory managers.nevertheless, there’s want to improve these working setting to have the ability to keep away from further suffering and illness to the helpless workers who do not know the hazards or problems associated with the manufacturing unit conditions and requirements.

Therefore, there’s want to teach the meat manufacturing facility staff on the hazards concerned and the results of working in low quality meat factories that don’t care in regards to the security and the well being of the workers. On the other hand, the government ought to formulate and implement more effective and protective legal guidelines to keep away from enhance the CTO disorders encountered in plenty of meat packing factories.


From the working conditions that these immigrants work beneath, I would tremendously agree with the recommendations of the human rights watch groups that advised on various amendments and formulation of a more effective and protecting regulation acts that will ensure the safety and the well being of those immigrant staff within the meat manufacturing facility. Some of the acts ought to make positive that staff aren’t overworked by working beneath great pace and little day off. These factories exploit immigrants as they know they’ve little choices of getting jobs elsewhere, due to this fact they dictate the circumstances underneath which these immigrants ought to work on.

For occasion, many workers aren’t allowed to get a day off even when they’re unwell or injured otherwise they will danger their jobs and being deported again to their international locations. Therefore, with no different possibility left for them, they work under this hazardous and injurious circumstances to no much less than generate income for dwelling. hence, the government ought to ensure that proper legal guidelines are formulated and applied inside no time to save these immigrants despite their origin or background so as to save them from the CTO issues that appear prevalent within the meat and poultry factories.

Secondly, the state laws ought to handle the compensation of the injured employees to ensure that they are totally compensated from the accidents they encounter when working on this factories. This is as a result of employees are solely given a day with no work solely when their situations deteriorate to a degree they can not work again hence sent house with out compensation and even their medical bill being catered for.

Therefore, the government needs to formulate related acts to take care of the same and see to it that every one human rights are adhered to and observed. in addition, the state ought to make positive that the worldwide rights of freedom to free affiliation are observed as an alternative of leaving out the unlawful immigrants susceptible to mistreatments and being enslaved due to their status.

However, based on the report by the agricultural department the situation in meat packing factories has improved greatly due to the institutions of workers union and different human rights organization which were within the forefront to make sure that the workers rights are noticed and no exploitation. In addition, the meat factories have improvised their facilities particularly the vibrating knives with superior equipments which are secure and less injurious to employees.

More so, the agricultural division supervisors are current in every meat factory to oversee the security and the health of the employees is observed in addition to to ensure that the meat is slaughtered and packed in one of the best standards to keep away from illnesses that end result from poor dealing with of food stuffs.


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