Mass Culture’s Influence on Attitude to Drugs Essay (Critical Writing)

Mass Culture’s Influence on Attitude to Drugs Essay (Critical Writing)


The widespread use of medication throughout the US is predetermined by a big selection of historical and psychological patterns. At first, with the unlawful substances appearance, our ancestors weren’t able to decide how they really interacted with the human body and all of the possible implications of such consumption. At the start of the nineteenth century, scientists began to examine drugs extra meticulously and consequently discovered that some of them could serve not only to a recreational but additionally an instrumental function (Levinthal, 2016). Today, when drugs’ construction is sort of absolutely examined, and their recreational use is prohibited by law, the variety of folks suffering from drug dependancy remains to be steadily rising. The query that arises from such information is why persons are still consciously poisoning themselves with medication when they are properly conscious of the implications of such an habit.

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To answer the aforementioned query, it is essential to analyze today’s mass tradition. The concern of drug addiction is raised within the overwhelming majority of latest TV shows and movies addressing younger generations. Such motion pictures as “Trainspotting,” which is already considered to be classic, together with the latest releases such because the “Euphoria” mini-series are largely targeted on the topic of illegal substances consumption. Although these works consider each states of being drug-addled and having a withdrawal, the overall picture of drug consuming is still romanticized. Another potential sphere of influence is the examples of prolific creators who could not imagine creating their oeuvre with out the drug use. The most excellent examples of such creators are Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and Vincent van Gogh. At the current time, consequently, there are lots of artistic minds who imagine within the improvement of their inventive achievements through the usage of numerous illegal substances.


Thus, despite the very fact that the query of drug use spreading remains to be open for discussions, mass tradition has inevitably turn into one of many main buyers in the shockingly excessive number of individuals affected by medicine.


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