Market-Pull Innovation Idea Development for Students Report

Market-Pull Innovation Idea Development for Students Report

Problem Observation

In the primary stage of this report, the main focus is on observing the present points, utilizing the two methods – direct and indirect intelligence. According to the methodology for innovation development, the main emphasis at this stage is on determining the market and the market wants inside it, which could be carried out through shopper statement. This report will focus on identifying the problem and examining all possible options for it.

Arguably, there are three primary issues that exist in a students’ day-to-day life, which are: issue managing work and education tasks, adherence to a wholesome way of life, such as regular train and healthy diet, and proper sleep. One can argue that the three actions have one root cause – the power to plan and track tasks and assignments adequately. However, these are three distinct entities that affect day-to-day life, and a product that can assist a pupil reorganize and structure certainly one of these factors can be useful.

In accordance with the oblique observation technique, one should keep away from directly engaging with the buyer. Instead, the potential target market must be observed via blogs, social media, and forums. In this case, one can resolve to observe classmates and colleagues. One can acquire a lot of insight into the problems that affect Master’s degree students on the net site Quora, where individuals shared their issues about time administration and prioritizing (“How do top college students use time administration,” 2019; “What is time administration 101 for students?” 2017). This thread and several others helped us achieve a greater understanding of the fact that most students struggle with time management as a end result of they are overwhelmed with the variety of tasks they receive. Similar proof was positioned for adequate sleep over the course of studies and wholesome life-style, sloth the latter appears to be an issue for other populations as nicely (“Is it sensible for me to keep my sleep schedule in college?” 2017).

Next, to discover the problem of sufficient sleep, some analysis into the matter was conducted. According to Hudson, Van Dongen, and Honn (2019), sleep is essential for students because it helps the brain rest and learns new data higher. However, equally to the previous market need, lots of the observed students appear to not have sufficient time during the semester to get their seven to eight hours of sleep, particularly throughout exams.

Direct intelligence implies participating with a possible shopper and asking questions that can provide perception into the matter. This step was accomplished by writing down the answers to the three primary questions – major frustrations, struggles, and anticipated outcome. The answers to those for the need for better planning are the inability to finish all tasks on time, wrestle to maintain track of assignments, and hope to get straightforward to implement the answer, which is not going to require reading books on time management and executing a very new system into one’s daily life.

For the second concern, adherence to a wholesome life-style, the answers to the questions are lack of motivation, lack of ability to find time for train, and hope to get a product that will help keep a healthy lifestyle routine over in depth intervals of time. The main frustration within the context of the third problem is lack of know-how of what constitutes a good and dangerous sleep habit, the principle battle is lack of routine, and an expected outcome is a product that may suggest enough and scientifically appropriate schedule recommendation regarding sleep and exercise time.

The needs that were discovered throughout this process represent an unmet market demand because the indirect intelligence method showcases that many Master’s degree college students have difficulty sustaining a great routine, including sufficient sleep, task administration, particularly if one has to work as nicely and wholesome life-style habits. Although there are numerous articles, books, and movies online that discuss these points, it seems that there are no merchandise that might immediately address each drawback, notably for students and the specifics of their schedules.

Problem Definition

The one-sentence definition for the problem is as follows – students of Masters Degree applications who additionally work have problem managing their time effectively, regardless of many resources, on-line and offline, that designate varied approaches to the matter.


While the initial issues had been developed using private experience, the analysis exhibits that plenty of college students, especially these in the Master’s program, battle with this.


Arguably, the cause for the issue in query is time management and, in some circumstances, being overwhelmed with the variety of tasks that one has. This requires prioritizing and a laser give consideration to the deadlines.


Harman (n.d.) explains the foundation reason for the problem as a planning fallacy, which is a concept describing the lack of individuals to estimate how a lot time is required for specific duties. This is true even for features that one has accomplished earlier than. For example, if a scholar writes papers for a whole semester, it does not mean that they’ll accurately assess the time required for an essay within the following semesters.


This problem impacts students of any university or faculty, on-line or offline, because the curriculums indicate that one has to attend lectures and submit duties on time.


Since the problem is related to acquiring a degree, it can be addressed during the semesters.

Idea Generation

During this stage, ten ideas for addressing time administration for faculty kids were developed utilizing the brainstorming method:

  1. A pocket book that contains advice and designed for scheduling assignments.
  2. An software that reminds about college tasks.
  3. A smartwatch designed for planning and scheduling.
  4. A set of video recordings that might clarify the main ideas of time administration.
  5. A mini-guide on how to steadiness work and education in the type of a e-book.
  6. A pocket alarm that reminds one to review at a chosen time.
  7. Full-size alarm designed primarily based on the tomato approach to allow for well-structured research classes (each lasting for 25 minutes)
  8. A tablet designed for learning and managing duties.
  9. A schedule board.
  10. Task tracking poster with a coating that enables one to write down and erase texts.

Idea Synthesis

There are four main groups of ideas that had been generated through the brainstorming session – bodily merchandise, units, instructional materials, and software program. Concepts similar to specially designed notebooks, posters, or boards are helpful, but their main flaw is that a pupil can have difficulty tracking everything that must be completed since posters and boards can’t be moved round. Additionally, some individuals don’t get pleasure from writing down their duties and activities, and this method does not mitigate the danger of underestimation.

Merging the digital gadget and software program ideas may help develop a cohesive expertise designed only for college students, which addresses their time management and planning wants. In addition, the concepts that mirror the need to incorporate recommendation for faculty students relating to adequate work, examine, and leisure distribution must also be included within the final product, however, and it’s best if these concepts will be the basis of design for productivity control system. In this manner, one can create a smartwatch that might be controlled via a smartphone application, designed specifically for college students to enter their homework assignments, lectures and specifying the time when they must work.

Idea Evaluation

To determine which thought actually addresses the problem assertion and its root trigger, one should use the three standards of analysis. For every of the three checks, an evaluation scale of 1 to five was adopted, where 1 signifies the lowest level of addressing the issue and 5 the highest. The following record reflects the score for every element of evaluation, whereas subsequent paragraphs clarify intimately the rationale for such distribution of factors:

  1. A smartwatch designed for planning and scheduling (feasibility – four; usability – 5; market opportunity – 5; complete rating = 14).
  2. Task monitoring poster with a coating that allows one to write and erase texts (feasibility – 5; usability – 2; market opportunity – 3; whole score = 10).
  3. Full-size alarm designed based mostly on the tomato technique to permit for well-structured examine sessions (each lasting for 25 minutes) (feasibility – 5; usability – 3; market opportunity – 1; complete score = 9).
  4. An software that reminds about college tasks (feasibility – three; usability – four; market alternative – 2; whole score = 9).
  5. A set of video recordings that might explain the primary ideas of time administration (feasibility – 5; usability – 2; market alternative – 1; total rating = 8).
  6. A pocket book that contains recommendation and designed for scheduling assignments (feasibility – 5; usability – 1; market alternative – 1; total rating = 7).
  7. A schedule board (feasibility – 5; usability – 2; market opportunity – 1; whole score = 8).
  8. A mini-guide on how to steadiness work and training within the form of a e-book (feasibility – 5; usability – 1; market opportunity – 1; complete score = 7).
  9. A pocket alarm that reminds one to check at a designated time (feasibility – three; usability – 2; market opportunity – 2; whole score = 7).
  10. A tablet designed for finding out and managing duties (feasibility – 1; usability – three; market alternative – 2; whole score = 6).


Feasibility reflects the power of a company to really manufacture the product and an assessment of a market that exists for it. Hence, one ought to reply questions corresponding to is it realistic, can a company win within the current market using this answer, and whether the method of creating and manufacturing this product definitely value the income (“Assessing the feasibility of a model new product,” n.d.). In this context, physical merchandise such as notebooks, posters, and boards are the most feasible since the market and demand for stationery merchandise just like the proposed ones is properly established. Other ideas, corresponding to creating a video or book information, are also easy to implement. The most difficult on this context are products such as alarms, software program, and smartwatch as a end result of they require specific manufacturing capabilities, although they can be manufactured since similar items are offered in other industries.


The technological system options appear to be essentially the most related. Currently, many corporations develop innovational merchandise that tackle a selected shopper downside since know-how improves peoples’ capability to track their time and efforts. One example is fitness bracelets that already exist in the market and calculate the estimated amount of calories burned or steps walked. Hence, the principle benefit of technology is the automation of the process. In addition, there are many functions and software program solutions that allow scheduling duties. However, not everyone benefits from them. The hypothesis with the proposed resolution is that if a person frequently carries a watch and it sends them notifications concerning the duties they need to complete, the outcomes will be higher. In this case, one is not going to need to open a selected utility or write down duties manually.

Estimation for Market Opportunity

The general idea of smartwatches was launched to the market just lately, and plenty of startup companies had been established to focus on a selected problem using this innovation. However, the market alternative is obstructed by the worth of the product since growing a hardware and software program product requires vital investments. Other products supply limited capabilities to their users, that means that the demand for them won’t be as substantial. In addition, products similar to notebooks. Even explicitly designed for school kids will face appreciable competition with different stationery gadgets.

Solution Implementation

Smartwatch that allows one to plan and schedule duties and tracks the activities. Notably, the area of interest of smartwatches is not new within the know-how trade. However, the merchandise that currently exist mainly present easy assistance similar to monitoring physical activity, alarms, helping in calls, and another applications. In this regard, partnering with an present firm that can provide assistance in designing the hardware and software shall be helpful since it will reduce prices when compared to growing the product from scratch. This solution is somewhat sophisticated, and one main issue that can come up is a well-established company introducing a similar smartwatch to the market. Overall, this report allowed us to determine a day-to-day problem of a Master’s program pupil and develop a product that addresses it.


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